How Paper N Parcel, a start-up by 13-year-old Tilak Mehta, parcels packages in Mumbai within a day

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Tilak Mehta

Adolescents are usually full of energy and enthusiasm during their schooling years. Today we will cover the success and inspirational story of Tilak Mehta. He was a 13-year-old boy when he began a logistics company known as ‘Paper N Parcels’ in July 2018.

The Idea Behind The Start-Up

Tilak Mehta is a 13-year-old boy who lives in suburban parts of Mumbai. He was in class 8 when he established this startup.

One day Tilak needed some books urgently from the other part of the city. He was waiting for his father to come home and then ask him to get the books. His father returned home from work exhausted. He could not ask his father to get the books for him.

The idea of a startup that could deliver small parcels in the city within the day struck him. He shared his idea with his father. The son and father duo then established the Paper N Parcel.

Tilak Mehta
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Paper N Parcel Mobile Application

In an interview, Tilak mentioned:

“This is my dream project. I will work very hard and make it very successful.”

The startup uses a mobile application made by Tilak Mehta. The customers can place orders through this app. The app also provides real-life live tracking of the orders. The app helps in placing orders related to the pickup and drop-off of items. They deliver the small parcels in a day within the city.

Image Source – Facebook

The Employees of The Start-Up

Paper N Parcels employs over 200 workers of its own and 300 dabbawallas. The employees handle up to 1200 deliveries per day. The packages handled by the employees weigh up to 3 kilograms and they charge Rs 40-180 depending on the weight of the parcel.

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A spokesperson of the Dabbawalla Association mentioned, “We provide the extra mile delivery apart from doing our work. Paper N Parcels help us with earning an additional income apart from our actual work.” The dabbawallas earn up to 10000 rupees by working with Paper N Parcels.

Tilak Mehta
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The Clients

The client base of Paper N Parcel includes pathology labs, boutiques, and brokerage firms. The startup is open to entering strategic tie-ups with companies like Swiggy. For Tilak, his startup is like Uber and Ola for courier services. For his work, Tilak has also won the Youngest Entrepreneur Award in logistics sector in India by Maritime India.

Tilak Mehta
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Inspiration And Vision

In an interview, Tilak mentioned, “I am inspired by Mukesh Ambani. I also enjoy reading about Steve Jobs, who dropped out of school and established such a successful company.”

Tilak wants his startup to grow and earn more. Paper N Parcel aims to make the lives of people associated with Paper N Parcels simpler regardless of them being a customer, Dabbawalla, or a delivery partner.

Tilak Mehta
Image Source – Facebook

To know more about Paper N Parcels, please check Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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