Paawak Foods By Kaushal Dongre Is Using Unique Technology To Produce Natural Jaggery

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Natural Jaggery is the best alternative for refined sugar as we all know. Sugar consumption has long been a cause of concern for all of us, as it has been linked to several health problems. Paawak Foods, situated in Maharashtra, has developed a unique line of jaggery products that are both healthier and more delectable than sugar. 

Paawak Foods is one of the fastest-growing companies in the natural jaggery industry. With new compact natural jaggery cube products and their proprietary Paawak (P) technology, the firm is reinventing the jaggery market.

Sugar’s Sweet Risks vs. Jaggery’s Health Perks 

Sugar has a mixed reputation when it comes to health. Sugar is naturally present in all carbohydrates-containing meals, therefore it is safe to eat it. Processed sugar, on the other hand, is harmful to your health and fitness. Natural Jaggery, a sugarcane-based natural sweetener from India, is healthier than sugar and enhances the flavour of sweet meals. 

Natural Jaggery is regarded as a healthy sugar by Ayurvedic practitioners due to its numerous benefits. Sugar’s delectable hazards may lead you to seek a healthier alternative, and Paawak Foods’ jaggery products are a natural option.

The Beginning of Paawak Foods 

Kaushal Dongre of Maharashtra co-founded Paawak Foods in 2014. Typically, natural jaggery has been considered a commodity. After visiting his mentor, Dr Prabodh Halde, Kaushal recognised that to build a brand in jaggery, he needed to innovate and produce distinct products. 

Before 2014, natural jaggery was sold as a food commodity in open packages in lumps with no proper packing. Because it was sold in bulk, the odds of it being tampered with were great, and it was susceptible to dust and fungus. When Kaushal discovered that jaggery was chemically injected, his main concern remained.

Following his mentor’s advice, Kaushal conducted a rigorous customer survey and discovered that the inconvenient size of a jaggery block and unsanitary packaging were the primary reasons why consumers were unwilling to use jaggery as their preferred natural sweetener daily. 

Paawak Foods responded by producing jaggery powder and, for the first time in the country, introducing unique little jaggery cubes, which are more convenient to use than a block of jaggery and healthier than sugar. 

Paawak attempted to address three primary customer concerns about jaggery and provided unique remedies in its way. This Paawak used its foresight to introduce chemical-free jaggery incorrect packaging, solving all consumer concerns and establishing itself as a consumer-first jaggery brand.

Natural Jaggery Cubes from Paawak Products: Paawak Foods is the first in the nation to offer jaggery in an inventive cube form that is safe and hygienic packaged in PET jars. The item is designed and manufactured in a clean environment to ensure customers always receive the highest item that is devoid of pollutants and harmful substances.

Paawak Foods uses specialised Homa Agnihotra therapy to make this natural product from organically farmed sugarcane. This powder is particularly popular among Paawak Foods customers. Jaggery Powder is promoted by the firm as a healthier option to processed sugar for everyday use.

Strengthening The Rural Economy By Empowering Farmers 

Paawak Foods was founded with the sole goal of empowering farmers. Paawak aspires to make India self-sufficient by supporting farmers’ income. 

Paawak Foods has had a significant effect on the lives of 150 small manufacturers in the Karad and Kolhapur regions by providing them with their revolutionary P technology as well as the necessary training over the last seven years.

Consumers Comes First 

Paawak has created consumer-friendly goods to offer Natural, Consumer-Friendly, Hygienically packed, Chemical-free, and kitchen friendly products based on consumer insights. Traditional jaggery involves a lot of problems for the consumer due to purity, handling, toxic substances, and unhygienic packing. Paawak developed all of its goods after conducting a scientific consumer research study.

In fact, Paawak’s small cubes jaggery is based on consumer experiences and preferences gathered from 100 consumers in order to better understand the challenges of eating existing jaggery.

Paawak Foods Continues to Grow at Rapid pace

In Mumbai, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Pune, and Hubli, Paawak Foods is already available in excellent general trade retail outlets. In the Mumbai region, the luxury jaggery goods maker has an online presence on major e-commerce sites such as Bigbasket, Amazon, and Jiomart. 

Since its inception, Paawak Foods has never looked back. 

With this rise came a slew of new companies in the branded jaggery industry, but Paawak emerged as the market leader, ahead of the curve and with a scientifically sound approach.

What is Paawak (P) technology, and how does it work?

As jaggery is a seasonal product with a short shelf life, it can be difficult to find fresh jaggery during the offseason. Paawak Foods has found a one-of-a-kind solution to this challenge using P technology. This involves the use of cutting-edge food processing procedures that do not require the use of chemicals.

Paawak Foods is pursuing approval for the P technology patent, which uses technology to ensure that customers receive constant supply and quality throughout the year. The firm has also leveraged this innovation to manufacture jaggery cubes and powder, which have solved the problem of jaggery’s limited shelf life.

Kaushal Dongre, the CEO of Paawak Foods, supports the Make in India and Atmanirbhar Bharat programmes and wants to get involved to the nation’s development. Paawak Foods aspires to be a global brand, and it appears that this will happen soon, as the company not only has a first-mover benefit but also has unique P technology.

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