ThePincode: A startup idea by two friends that creates accessories for kids and teenagers containing socially relevant messages

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Two friends have recently started up a business of designing a set of accessories. The accessories contain socially relevant messages for kids and teenagers. The startup has been named ThePinCode.’

Idea Behind ThePinCode

Mehek Doshi and Vedika Shah, the brains behind the business, are students of Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai. The name ThePinCode comes from a special phrase used by adolescents of the present times- the girl code and bro code. The terms give the teenagers’ a sense of security with their friends.

In the same way, as a business,

ThePinCode strives to ensure that customers feel great and comfortable. The products would help the customers express themselves and showcase their style.

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ThePinCode sells unisex sticker-based accessories for teenagers. At present, they specialize in making small lapel pins and small keychains. The pins designed can be worn on any type of clothing. One package for a customer includes one chain and five different magnetic lapel pins. One package costs 500 rupees. The customers can select stickers from a range of 50 options.

The stickers create awareness on social issues such as stopping rape, casteism, racism, or advocating for gender equality and LGBTQ rights, etc. The girls have started creating designs on self-love and self-care as well.

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Success of ThePinCode

The target audience for the girls is young children and teenagers. The startup has sold over 100 units since its opening through its Instagram page and word of mouth. They have also made a profit of around 54,000 rupees.

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Idea Behind Lapel Pins

The thought of how a single button can hold up a piece of clothing inspired the girls to create lapel pins. It struck them that how things thought to be trivial can make a big difference. The company promotes fashion and is socially responsible. Spreading a social message through their business makes them feel responsible towards society. In the future, both the girls wish to be a part of big business ideas and work on them.

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