Bengaluru Startup – Styched Is Tapping Tech To Solve Fast-Fashion And Help Tailors Find Work

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Bengaluru startup

Fashion is the second-largest category after electronics. With trendy and new styles, we are becoming insatiable consumers of fast fashion. With an era of the influencer-driven social media world, fast fashion has been adopted widely.

But, with fast fashion comes critics. Styched, a Bengaluru startup wants to ease fast fashion but also promote the uniqueness of tailored clothes, which are fading away.

Styched is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand that uses technology to solve fashion problems.

Mad4India brings a story of a startup that is empowering local tailors to find work by tapping technology and giving driven solutions to consumers.

Styched Story

styched story
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Styched was founded in 2019 in Bengaluru by Soumajit Bhowmik and Durga Dash. Its primary vision is to solve the consumer problem of fast fashion with the help of technology-driven methods.

Now, fast fashion is roaring the markets. From influencers to college kids, it has been preferred by many.

Fast fashion is the design, production, and marketing method that focuses on producing high-volume and low-quality clothes.

With the demand and manufacturing, the textile industry has become one of the world’s worst polluters, which constitutes in damaging the environment. It is one of the main drivers of climate change.

The founder of the startup says that fashion is fragile. It changes its styles and designs as per the season. It clarifies that any fashion brand may have between 50-500 different kinds of clothes and styles every season.

Due to the production of it, they spend a lot on it. From warehousing to huge production, this leads to the degradation of the environment.

To overcome this problem, the fashion startup doesn’t follow any seasonal designs. Their website is updated every week with more than a thousand designs of fresh and new styles.

With Styched, there is zero inventory, zero liquidation, zero wastage, and zero warehousing. It’s a new method that has aligned with technology and has been beneficial to the environment.

The startup has its AI-powered machine and has a powered backend intelligence that breaks down fabrics into different patterns.

Styched – Tailored to Perfection

Bangalore startup
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The fashion startup, Styched has stopped forward in its journey with its innovation in the mobile application.

The app allows tailors across India to find work online. It helps local tailors find stitching tasks online.

Through this, Styched is helping climate change with its tech-driven methods and collaborating and empowering tailors to find work online.

Styched was going well with the production and manufacturing of clothes for different reasons.

With the pandemic coming into our lives, the process of Styched suffered traction. Overnight, the orders that were in demand for school and college uniforms declined. It put a lot of tailors out of work for days.

Styched has helped overcome the issue of unemployment by providing them with jobs and looking after them.

With the Styched mobile application, one can see the available jobs based on orders received. Any tailor who is in dire need of a job can undertake the work.

It is on a mission to provide sustainable fashion. They want people to get qualified tailored clothes at affordable prices. With a motto to democratize fashion, their rates are often affordable for the apparel.

A tailor looking for a job can show their sample work. Then, Styched visits their facilities to see their machinery, and at times, they find the machinery for quality tailored clothes.

Styched has headquarters in Bengaluru, but it has made another hub in Delhi and is soon planning to open in Mumbai. It hopes to inboard 15,000 tailors in a year.

The startup Styched raised $1 million in their latest funding round in October 2021 by investors.

Styched also started its operations in UAE and is looking forward to expanding its production in Europe.

This D2C startup is planning to enroll unorganized fashion into sustainable fashion.

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