Senior Citizen Startup Is All Ready To Set A New Working Trend In India – Supported By IIT Guwahati

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senior citizen

Senior citizen

The best plan for senior citizens after retirement is finally here, GET A JOB. is similar to any other startup that offers a technological solution to a problem, with the exception that its target clients are retirees and MSMEs eager to make use of the experience of such senior citizens.

Most of the time senior citizens find themself dependent on their kids or on the savings they are left with. Even after living an extremely fulfilling life, senior citizens find themself helpless after retirement, they may feel wasted at times as they have no way to utilize their presence any further. But this startup has given meaning to the life of senior citizens. Before they lose self-confidence and find some corners to spend the rest of their life, SMBs, new businesses, and start-ups can start asking for their advice.

senior citizen
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Senior Citizens are the Treasure for Growth

In India, there is a rising need for a community of highly skilled individuals, and Senior Experts seem to be the one-stop shop that can meet that need. Experience of years and knowledge of their service can be a bright torch for each individual who needs guidance for growth.

With this Hyderabad-based firm called Guide’S-ME Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. (GCSPL), created by retired professionals, it becomes possible for senior citizens who have retired from their particular occupations to continue making contributions to the expansion of new companies that require their highly valued skills.
This startup is hitting two birds with one stone. First of all, it is a platform for Seniors Who Have Retired but who still wish to work can find great work options on this platform, second entrepreneurs that require expertise for their business can sign up on this platform. Both parties can share their shared interests and embark on a new journey.

The idea behind this start-up is that when a person turns 60, they are regarded as Senior Citizens and frequently leave active employment. They have not stopped living, though. They are domain matter experts with decades of knowledge in the field. They possess important expertise that the nation could benefit from. By offering them meaningful participation, we hope to put individuals to work.

The highly skilled senior professionals who have retired and can become an essential part of this network are what make the USP. “Senior Experts” can alter enterprises with their special and insightful competency that cannot be copied by anyone else because they are equipped with years of learning that, in some circumstances, exceeds the entire term of existence of relatively younger experts.

This “old men’s club” found its pushing force when the Technical Council of IIT Guwahati signed agreements (MoU) on August 8, 2022, with them. In accordance with the terms, the Technical Council of IIT Guwahati shall assist GCSPL in creating, India’s first senior-focused discovery platform. It would assist them in filling the growing vacuum in services for senior citizens who are retired. as off now It has 16,000 senior specialists on staff, and 500 SMEs have signed up to hire them.

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In attendance on behalf of IIT Guwahati, Prof. Chivukula V. Shastri stated, “We will provide each solution to the industry. We’ll provide products with cutting-edge technology. IIT-Technical Guwahati’s Board’s top talent from a variety of disciplines will create a solid and futuristic product. This is most likely the first initiative where a student body from a school is collaborating with business,” he noted with the Agadir group.

With the help of this Agreement, IIT students seeking exposure will gain the necessary exposure by participating in the project. Prof. Chivukula V. Sastri declared, “It is a jackpot project for everyone.”

The initial term of the arrangement is for three years, with further extensions subject to mutual agreement. The MoU was inked in order to support GCSPL in creating a strong discovery platform and developing cutting-edge technology solutions. Senior Professionals have the capability to become the largest senior (retired) expert aggregator in the world. It will cover more than 70 industries thanks to the first impressions count in the commercial company area and the more than 16,000 senior citizens who are presently available to help them.

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Anil Kumar Siddu, one of the start-co-founders, up’s said that it will serve as a platform to “connect the lack of experience in new age firms with the expertise of retired professionals.” He continued, “This is a futurist offering with a future full of promises.”

India has 158 million senior citizens. Various surveys have revealed that 85% of retirees can be productive even after retirement. The platform, Senior Experts, bridges the gap and connects retired senior experts who have the expertise, and are looking for engagement with companies. At the same time, many Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) also need expert guidance, something they can’t generally afford. The services of these retired experts can be of much use to them.

senior citizen savings scheme
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According to UN estimates, the proportion of elderly people in the global population is anticipated to reach 25% by the year 2030. Every fourth person on the planet will be older by 2030. India is perhaps one of the younger nations in the world right now, and in a few years, a sizable portion of its population will be retired seniors. This startup is all set to give a new trend to the Indian audience of planning a career after retirement and becoming a successful mentor, the new age Indian is Mad4Growth and we are Mad4India.

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