India’s First AI-Based Cooking Robot Nosh, Can Cook 200+ Dishes

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Robot Nosh

Imagine coming home to the aroma of freshly cooking Kadai Paneer or Butter Chicken. And the taste of it reminds you of exactly like your home. But then you realize you live alone!

Well, then you come to know that this delicious and piping hot meal was prepared by a machine?

From frying onion till it becomes golden brown to making your favorite dish. This Al-Based cooking Robot Nosh does it all.

With the daily chaos and churns of liabilities, it’s time to make your cooking easier with Robot Nosh. Mad4India brings a brilliant and inspiring story that will motivate you to find easy resolutions to simple problems.

Robot Nosh

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The AI-Based robot designed for automated cooking is the device Nosh.
The Robot Nosh, developed by Euphotic Labs, is the brainchild of Yatin Varachhia. He is the co-founder of the Bangalore startup that inspires people to have good food with the device.

Along with his team members, the cue then set on to reduce the issues of urban problems by creating the Robot Nosh – an automated cooking device.

Yatin Varachhia, the creator of Robot Nosh, is from Katwa, a small village in Gujarat. He shifted to Bangalore in 2008 and did his Masters from the Indian Institute of Science in Technology.

Throughout his stay, he struggled for good food. His unhealthy food habits and packaged food inspired him to work on this issue.

Even after his marriage, he and his wife were shuttling between work and home. To enjoy savory and heavenly food, the idea of AI-Based automated cooking began there.

Yatin surveyed more than 100 people and discovered that a large number of people were facing the same issue. With takeaway and packed food, they would not be satisfied, and with that came stomach ailments.

In 2016-17, Yatin discussed his idea with his friends Pranav Raval, Amit Gupta, and Sudeep Gupta, the co-founders of the AI-based automated cooking design. They all decided to join hands together to take this product – Robot Nosh across Indian households for authentic and lip-smacking meals.

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It took the team three years of efforts and failures, six prototypes, numerous recipe restorations, and countless user feedbacks to develop the product that could erase the woe of cooking and provide them with refined, enjoyable food.

Not many people have ventured into this hardware ecosystem. Euphotic Labs was lucky for the funding and got some financial support from the government of India and some investors.

The first dish prepared by Robot Nosh, developed by Euphotic Labs towards the end of 2018, was potato fry.

Robot Nosh aspires to become a leading cooking platform providing fresh home-cooked food with convenience at your home.

Robot Nosh, does more than cook your favorite meal? Yes, you heard it right. It helps you plan your meals, order groceries from an automated grocery store, and cook. Three easy steps!

Not only that, but Robot Nosh can also count calorie dishes customize dishes as per your taste.

Currently, Robot Nosh has a factory set up in Bangalore and is accepting pre-orders. The price of each product is Rs. 50,000/- and for pre-ordering, the price is Rs. 40,000/- for each product.

Nosh is not the first robotic set-up, but it is India’s first custom-made automated cooking design favored by many.

Euphotic Labs is an automated cooking design pattern aiming to ease lives from cooking and food management. It strives on the issue that aims to access and deliver healthy and homely food to everybody.

Image Source – Instagram

Robot Nosh has also been honored with various awards such as –

  • Nidhi Prayas by the Department of Science and Technology.
  • SINE by Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
  • MSME by The Indian Institute of Science (IISc)

Get the authentic taste filled with homely flavors, and enjoy your meal with Robot Nosh.

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