ReshaMandi: Two Young Entrepreneurs Turning Silk Farmers Into Successful Entrepreneurs!

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ReshaMandi is an ecosystem for the natural fiber supply chain in the form of an agri-tech application, beginning from the farm to the retail industry as it connects the spectrum of farmers, silk weavers, and retailers but before we talk further about ReshaMandi let’s know a few facts about silk.

Silk is the most beautiful textile fabric in the world, also known as the queen of textile fabrics. Did you know that a silk rope is stronger than an equally thick metal wire? Yes, you read it right, a silk rope is as strong as an equally thick metal wire.

Our wardrobe is incomplete without silk garments, especially saris for women. Saris are kind of a cultural symbol for our country’s weaving communities.

Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk available on the market, it is 100% natural, odorless and nontoxic in addition to that mulberry silk contains Sericin an element that reduces the chances of allergy, which makes it the best-selling silk in India.

This type of silk is produced in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Mysore, West Bengal, Karnataka, and, Andhra Pradesh.

ReshaMandi: A Startup Making Silk Accessible to All

ReshaMandi helps silk reelers procure cocoons consistently which is quality assured and cost-effective, coupled with, a 1-click platform for market linkage of silk yarn.

This company makes sure that well-graded cocoons are procured from the farmer, and supplied to the reelers who make the highest quality of yarn which is then accessible to the weavers and connect to the retailers.

ReshaMandi was formed in 2020 by NIFT graduate Mayank Tiwari. Mayank is from Bengaluru, Karnataka and he has worked with artisans, handloom weavers, and textile workers over the past ten years.

He aimed to create an impactful resource for the farmers with Co-founder & CTO Saurabh Agarwal, who is a B.Tech graduate with 15 years of experience working in the IT industry. He is knowledgeable about advanced technology, software architecture, and innovation.

Saurabh and his family boarded a one-way ticket from the US back to India during the COVID outbreak, and they haven’t looked back since. Software architecture, innovation, and cutting-edge technology are all things that Saurabh Agarwal is familiar with.

ReshaMandi claims to be working in an apt technology that is revolutionizing natural fiber farming in India, empowering farmers and turning them into successful entrepreneurs as they understand the needs of farmers and the people who are in need.

ReshaMandi: Eco System of Fiber Supply

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The company ReshaMandi has set in motion its e-commerce venture called ReshaWeaves, which lets the consumer get the best weaves from all over India.

ReshaMandi collaborates with 60,000 farmers, over 7,500 yarn manufacturers, 10,000 weavers, textile mills, and 3,500 retailers in the SME segment (small and medium-sized enterprises).

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Reshamandi is also establishing itself as a farmers’ retail merchant. The platform keeps track of purchasing habits, consumption patterns, pricing, and the seamless integration of 3,500 retailers on a single platform.

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Reshamandi strives to tackle all of the obstacles that farmers endure on a daily basis, including poor market connections, inadequate storage facilities, a lack of funding, unscientific farming practices, and ignorance.

ReshaMandi: Know About Your Crops Through Mobile Phone

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The founder duo developed devices and software for the farmers, and the app offers various insights across the value chain.

ReshaMandi uses these devices to evaluate the quality at two distinct levels, first in mulberry farmlands and then in silk plantations. They are used in the farming beds to monitor factors like temperature, light, air quality, and humidity. Both devices are connected through an application that supports the farmers by providing alerts and other reports.

The software aids in the maintenance of business accounts, insights into best practices, the purchase of machine tools and equipment for weavers, and the use of aI-enabled-quality to assess the cocoons’ quality.

They also have a humongous network of procurement centres all over India where farmers can get in touch with the team members of ReshaMandi, either by phone calls or by physically visiting the center.

Apart from English, ReshaMandi is available in several regional Indian languages, including Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Marathi, giving farmers in rural areas simple access to the software.

ReshaMandi: Super Hero For Farmers

Reshamandi strives to tackle all of the obstacles that farmers endure daily, including poor market connections, inadequate storage facilities, a lack of funding, unscientific farming practices, and ignorance. You should also read about the IIT-Madras alumni who left his job to grow over 400 acres of community forest with 160 farmers.

With tech-enabled solutions, ReshaMandi is giving away relief and solutions for the farmers like

  • Offering them convenience – farmers now don’t have to travel hundreds of kilometres to sell their products.
  • Helping them save time by giving them an analyzed report during the farmer’s meet with them.
  • Reap better profits by fixing correct rates according to the fine quality of their products.
  • Establishing better farming practices by educating them about the correct techniques, equipment, seeds, and technology.
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ReshaMandi’s AI technology is delivering straightforward and affordable solutions to the silk industry while collaborating with farmers.

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