Recycle Time! How This Start-Up Creates Best Out Of Waste By Manufacturing Incense Sticks From Temple Flower Waste

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Incense Sticks

Incense sticks out of flower waste! Most Indians go to religious places, be it a temple, mosque or church, and ‘flowers’ are very important. Especially during religious ceremonies, the flowers are an integral part. However, the majority of them are dumped as waste in landfills or rivers. Therefore, there is a constant need to give these flowers fresh life. This initiative will also give a boost to the plastic ban initiated by the authorities.

Recycling Temple Flower Waste Into Incense Sticks

Image: MDPH

Mysore Deep Perfumery House (MDPH), the leading manufacturer of “agarbatti” in India with its flagship brand Zed Black, has partnered with HelpUsGreen, the inventor of flower recycling technology, to introduce “Nature Flower” fragrant incense sticks made from repurposed flowers. 

Image: MDPH

The Zed Black Nature Flower Incense Sticks are made from floral waste and come in four different natural scents: Sandal, Mogra, Kasturi, and Rose.

Empowering Women Through The Initiative 

Image: HelpUsGreen

Over a thousand indigenous women workers’ lives are known to be influenced by the project. Massive quantities of flower waste are gathered from religious locations, primarily in Uttar Pradesh. The waste is subsequently sifted, dried, and ground into flower powder, which is combined with uncooked ingredients to create “raw agarbattis.” 

HelpUsGreen is leading the charge to clean up the waterways and places of worship by using cutting-edge flower recycling technology and creating a unique Circular Economic model for the nation. Giving future generations a clean, sacred environment, lowering pollution, and lowering the nation’s carbon imprint.

Hundreds of people have been influenced by the team’s work with nearly 25 houses of worship, notably temples and gurdwaras in Kanpur, which has handled more than 230 tons of floral waste. 

Kali Mathiya, Shanidev Mandir, Shri Anandeshwar Mandir, Panki Mandir, Bhairav Mandir, Siddhnath Mandir, Jogeshwar Mandir, Gumti Gurudwara, and numerous more temples and mosques in Kanpur have worked together with MDPH and HelpUsGreen. 

‘Natural Flower’ Incense Sticks

Image: MDPH

By collaborating with HelpUsGreen, they were able to create “Nature Flower,” which is their small part in reducing the levels of floral waste coming from India’s sacred sites. They also maintain a clean environment for both visitors and residents. 

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In addition to protecting water bodies and maintaining the cleanliness of holy sites, they will aim to develop a circular economy around temple waste, generating employment possibilities. Soon, they will begin developing sustainable lifestyle items by recycling India’s monumental temple garbage.

To increase the employment opportunities for disadvantaged women, several collection centres will be established across the nation. 

About ‘HelpUsGreen’

Image: HelpUsGreen

When founder Karan Rastogi, a Warwick Business School alumnus, had a novel notion to make religion sustainable, the seed of sustainability was planted. As she watched the flower waste pollute the Holy Ganges, our founder spent time learning about eco-friendly ways to make the best use of garbage. HelpUsGreen was founded as a result of this search.

Paving A Way Towards Green

They started the path toward green design by launching their first line of biofertilizers that were entirely handmade and organic. They immediately started creating lifestyle products, recycling massive temple garbage from India, and democratizing sustainability.

Vision Into Mission

What began as a vision in 2015 has since developed into a self-supporting social enterprise with more than 50 eco-warriors. They expect to collect almost 2.5 tonnes of floral waste per day and turn it into things for celebrations, organic fertilizers, and scented sticks.

Get your Incense sticks from MDPH

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