Ecomitram: providing alternative solutions to the non-renewable sources of energy

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Non-renewable sources of energy are exploited at an alarming rate causing disruption to the sustainable balance of the planet. Some resources on earth are present only in a limited amount. The increasing need for resources leads to the exploitation of non-renewable sources of energy. Soon, if we do not switch to alternative methods, non-renewable resources will get depleted. To deal with this problem, Ecomitram was started. It is an eminent service provider that provides constructive solutions for Renewable Energy Sources and Environment Conservation.

The Founders of Ecomitram

Solar energy is a continuous source of energy, environment friendly, and a perfect replacement for non-renewable sources. Four friends founded Ecomitram together – Rituraj Sharma, Ravi Saini, Anuraag Verma, and Shashank Jain. Ecomitram is a Jaipur-based start-up. It initially started with an investment of 10 lakhs and now has a turnover of 3 crores. All the founders are either BTech or MBA graduates. They raised the money together with the help of their friends and family. How Ecomitram differentiates itself from its competitors is that it does not go below the production of 100 KW capacity but at times also takes smaller projects to work on. Rituraj mentioned, “We do an analysis of a project based on technical, legal, and financial parameters.” The aim is to switch to renewable sources of energy instead of non-renewable sources energy.

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What does Ecomitram do?

Ecomitram is a service-based company that provides renewable energy-based solutions, environment protection, and conservation. They provide Solar rooftop PV Plants on BOOT Model. Also, they do a Power Purchase Agreement with the consumers where they have to pay Ecomitram for the electricity generated from the plant and that too at a discounted market price. Consumers save money using less costly and clean energy, and solar power could penetrate to the lowest level possible. It provides services like maintenance and operations and also maintains project portfolios.

The company provides good solutions against the non-renewable source of energy. Non-renewable source of energy is limited resources. The speed at which humans are using these non-renewable energy sources will soon lead to exhaustion of the resource. A solution and replacement were required. Ecomitram tries to provide the solution to the problem.

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Challenges Faced by The Team

The team has faced many challenges. One of the main challenges is to fill in the supply gap created by the exhaustion of fossil fuels happening continuously at a high pace. Additionally, the cost of setting up a solar plant is costly. Financial aid by the government is a necessity for the proper utilization of renewable sources of energy. Switching from a non-renewable source of energy to a renewable source of energy is expensive.

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Three Level Benefits of Ecomitram

According to the team of Ecomitram, the initiative is beneficial on many levels. Firstly, customers prefer clean energy. The mantra of the start-up is to provide clean energy. Over the years, Ecomitram has gained many new customers looking for clean and affordable energy. Secondly, the awareness among people about renewable energy resources has risen. Many People now prefer renewable sources of energy over non-renewable ones. Thirdly, the entire process protects and keeps the environment safe.

Ecomitram follows three strategies to gain customers – a location-centric approach, a segment-centric approach, and associating with EPC events, fairs, and contractors.

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Responsibilities of The Team Members

The team has divided some responsibilities of Ecomitram among themselves. Shashank manages vendor management, client relations, and finance management. Ravi handles operation management and vendor management. Rituraj deals with raising funds, business development, investor relations, client acquisition, planning, and execution. Lastly, Anuraag manages technical issues, researches trends, and policies in the industry.

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Success of Ecomitram

In 2018, Ecomitram became the second runner-up at Elecrama Expo and completed a 1 MW rooftop project. Ravi Saini mentioned, “It was a proud moment for us. We realized that our initiative was a success, and all the hard work was finally paying off.” Ecomitram is associated with big names like Sunwaves Power and Artha Energy.

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The Journey Ahead

Ecomitram plans to take up many more solar projects in the future as well. The aim is to reach out to as many people as possible and raise awareness about renewable sources of energy. A clean environment will be beneficial for all. Thoughtfully utilizing the available resources is a necessity for sustainable development. Mad4India wishes Ecomitram all the best for all their future endeavors and salutes the contribution to protecting the non-renewable source of energy.

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