Hyderabad Techie Duo Quit Their Jobs to Start India’s First Eco-Friendly Drinking Water Box, Caro Water

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Drinking Water

Drinking Water while we all travel is much needed. But, most of us tend to buy drinking water in plastic bottles which is increasing the plastic wastes. For several years, India, a country with a population of over 1.3 billion people, or 17.7% of the world’s population, has struggled to minimise its use of plastic. However, with an ever-increasing population and a growing plastic crisis, the situation is only getting worse.

The majority of it, though, comes from the plastic water bottles that people use daily. Then these two techies from Hyderabad realised they needed to revolutionise the way people used water bottles, this is when Caro Water started to pave the way towards plastic-free World.

Suneeth Tatineni of Hyderabad noticed he and his family had drunk over 24 plastic bottles of water in a single day while returning from a visit to Tirupati. This realisation caused him to consider the massive amount of plastic waste generated daily. 

India’s First Eco-Friendly Drinking Water Box

Drinking water
Image: Caro Water

Suneeth and his friend Chaitanya Ayinapudi quit their IT professions to start Caro Water, India’s first eco-friendly drinking water box, after witnessing one of these events. 

Caro’s tamper-proof drinking water boxes are made of corrugated paper and the ‘BIB’ (bag-in-box) technology.

They use 85 per cent less plastic in their package, and the remains are recyclable. 

The drinking water boxes may be ordered through an app that also has a subscription option for more frequent deliveries. The firm also pays customers a small part of their purchase price to return these boxes for sustainable recycling.

However, this was only one of the motivating factors for these two former IT and software professionals to launch Caro Water earlier this year. Another viewpoint was the general replenishment and cleanliness difficulties with plastic water can services. At least 200-300 times, some of these water cans have been replenished.

Manufacturing of Caro Water

Drinking water
Image: Caro Water

Caro Water have a built-in tap, similar to a water dispenser. When compared to traditional water cans, these tamper-proof water boxes are recyclable and utilise 85 per cent less plastic. A customer orders a Caro Water box fills it up and then returns it to the company for conscientious recycling. Consumers receive credit points for each box returned, which can be used for future purchases using the Caro Water app, which is accessible on both Android and iOS.

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The five-litre water box costs Rs 75, while the 20-litre water box costs Rs 120. BPA, or bisphenol A, an industrial chemical used to create certain plastics and resins, is also absent from these boxes. 

The drinking water is collected from the ground and undergoes a thorough purification process, including being treated, fortified with copper, and supplemented with minerals and nutrients. Caro Water now serves only the Hyderabad region, but they are seeking to expand their operations to Bengaluru.

Aims of Caro Water

Apart from eliminating the use of plastic in their boxes (they presently have only 40-45 grams of plastic in their boxes, along with the tap), one of the most difficult issues is ensuring that these carton boxes are correctly collected and recycled. When they receive the cartons back from the customers, they are sorted into two categories: corrugated and plastic. For this, they have partnered with recycling units. 

The pandemic has certainly affected demand for the boxes. People are more interested in environmentally friendly solutions. Single-use plastic must be treated appropriately, and decreasing plastic waste is our key goal.

Caro water will attract those seeking greener alternatives because of its contribution to a lighter environment. They urge everyone to take a moment to spread the news about environmentally friendly items.

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