Cushions Made From Cigarette Wastes – Meet India’s First Cigarette Waste Recycling Company 

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Waste Recycling

In India, the smoking culture is considered taboo. It is a sensitive issue. Although cigarettes are legal commodities, people will continue to smoke them, which causes cigarette waste to pile up. 

Cigarette filters are made up of plastic called Cellulose Acetate, which takes 10-12 years to degrade. Cigarette contains harmful chemicals that cause soil pollution and diminish growing plants. 

Cigarette wastes end up in waterways harming the diversity of flora and fauna of water life.

India’s first cigarette waste recycling company – CODE Effort Private Limited, is the only dedicated company that oversees the treatment of cigarette waste recycling. 

The company utilizes every component of cigarette waste recycling that helps in saving the environment and reducing soil pollution. 

There is no denying that cigarettes are harmful, and the concern to look upon the cigarette waste recycling can help the environment breathe. 

Mad4India brings a positive story of a company that is on a mission to utilize cigarette waste and recycle them for better use. 

Cigarette Waste Recycling Innovation 

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Code Effort Private Limited was founded by Naman Gupta. The founder expressed concerns over how cigarette wastes are harmful to the environment and how cigarette wastes can be used. 

The CEO of Code Effort Private Limited observed the numerous piles of cigarette wastes and noticed that the stubs were made from cotton. 

The inspiration for this cigarette waste recycling came up one day while he was attending a party with his friends when he noticed tons of cigarettes piled up indifferently. If this is the waste caused due to a small party, image the cigarettes waste across the country. 

He further learned about it, if it’s biodegradable or recyclable? He wondered if cigarette waste can be recycled into a sustainable and usable product. That led to the formation of a cigarette waste recycling company – Code Effort Private Limited.

The USP of this cigarette waste recycling company is to recycle cigarette wastes and recycle them in a product. 

The Journey Of Cigarette Waste Recycling Company 

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When the company was formed, the crew joined hands together with rag pickers for the collection of cigarette waste. The cigarette waste recycling company also provides Value Bins in public spaces for cigarette waste collection. 

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The company also has certifications to prove that the recycling technology is safe for the environment. 

The process is that the cigarettes butts are separated into three parts -Polymer, Leftover tobacco & paper, and fly ash. 

The polymer is used in the air purification system. The organic leftover tobacco and paper are recycled into organic manure, and the fly ash is sent to the storage. 

Each component of the cigarette is recycled so that the end-product is safe to use. Even the water generated throughout the process is reduced to a carbon footprint. 

By the end of 2022, the CEO, Naman Gupta, wants to expand the innovative products by 15 to 50. 

Till now, the cigarette waste recycling company has sustained the environment and also gained profits by selling some of its recycled products. 

The cigarette waste recycling company creates various products from the wastes as a mosquito repellent, key chains, cushions, and many more. They are also working on producing an air-purifier system as well. 

waste recycling
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CODE is on a mission to eliminate cigarette waste. The cigarette waste recycling company has collaborated with other MNCs in recycling cigarette wastes.

The hazardous effects of smoking cigarettes can be seen. With its toxic health hazards and the impact on the environment, the cigarettes waste recycling company is playing an important role in recycling cigarette wastes to recycle them into innovative products for daily use. 

Mad4India wishes all the best for this wishful innovation and hopes that they receive success in their journey. 

To know more about CODE Effort Private Limited, please check – Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

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