Chaai Seth : Arpit Raj Quit His High-Paying Job To Launch India’s Fastest-Growing Tea Chain

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Chaai Seth

Arpit Raj, a 24-year-old Delhi entrepreneur, launched Chaai Seth, India’s fastest-growing Tea Franchise. He’s from Bihar and comes from an upper-middle-class family. He quit his well-paying job to pursue this venture. 

Arpit earned his bachelor’s degree in hospitality, travel, and tourism. He recently finished his MBA. He lives in Delhi and runs several companies. Wynswell Global Services, a commercial, management, and tax advisory organization, and ‘A2Z Medicals’ are the other companies. He is also the President of the East India Entrepreneurs Associations, which has over 150 entrepreneurs in its network.

Arpit started Chaai Seth in 2015 while earning his bachelor’s degree in Shillong, Meghalaya. 

He and his pals pooled their resources of Rs 50,000-60,000 to launch a small Tea tapri. There was no brand name to be found. It had only barely begun. 

He was placed in a start-up company after completing his study, therefore he had to return to Delhi in 2017. In 2019, he left his employment only to return to his previous business in Shillong. This is how Chaai Seth came to be. 

He met Prateek from KPMG and a group of like-minded pals, including himself, and they decided on the moniker “Chaai Seth.” As a result, the company was formally founded in August 2019.

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They were all teenagers when they started the business, and the majority of teenagers are tea addicts. People in Shillong were yearning for clean environments. 

So they decided to start something different and came up with the idea of late-night meal deliveries, which they also offered at IIM and NIFT. They wanted to work in the culinary industry because they were dissatisfied with the local cuisine. They started with Chai since it is something that brings people together. Tea was shared by everyone, even though they came from diverse parts of India. 

Chaai Seth employs twenty-five people, with eight members of the core team.

Chaai Seth : Here Is How Their Business Work 

They administer the company through franchise partners all around the country. They provide full assistance, both personnel and raw materials. The partners only require a budget of 7-8 lakhs and they handle everything. Their parent firm, Bractburd Food and Beverage Pvt Ltd specialize in coffee.

“One sip, million emotions”

Tea is appropriate in all situations. According to him, tea is a part of our lives or our daily lives.

He advertised several tea varieties, which drew customers’ attention and allowed them to sample the unique flavors of tea. When a new location opens, they also give everyone two days of free tea. 

Mission and Goals 

Arpit’s main goal is to take this company globally. Also, make a nicer environment for individuals to congregate. He also wants to instill in them an entrepreneurial attitude. Increased franchise partners will boost employability.

Chaai Seth addresses the socioeconomic issue of unemployment. Chaai Seth gives work options for semi-literate and uneducated persons. Furthermore, the Kulhars in which they serve tea is sourced from UP, where locals sell Kulhars for only 50 rupees per day. So purchasing the Kulhars from them brings me great joy.

The built from scratch company’s current revenue was 3.5 – 4 crore in 2011-22, with a target of 12-14 crore by 2022-23. They are looking to grow their franchise network at a fast pace and become a national brand.

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