Rinku Singh, Slogged His Way From Tin Roofed Room To Playing The Biggest T20 League

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rinku singh

24-Year-old Rinku Singh has earned his place in the hardest way possible to finally play for KKR. 

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has been a great platform for some of the players that dream of playing for the nation. Without being bound by financial restrictions and even geographical ones, these cricketers with effort, patience, and skill are able to climb a mountain of opportunity and make their way out into the conversation of every household. The Story of Rinku Singh will give you hope that nothing is impossible. 

rinku singh
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We have heard an abundance of sports stories about athletes who overcome incredible obstacles to reach the top,  and a stage like IPL has become the channel for young and aspiring cricketers from small towns and valleys to advance to the next level of the game.

Having said that, Rinku Singh’s heartwarming story will have a similar impact in the eyes of the viewer.

Rinku Singh’s Family Was In Debt

rinku singh
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Uttar Pradesh’s Rinku Singh has worked as a sweeper to support his family financially

The 24-year-old had then started to support his family with small grants and the money he would get on behalf of the State at the junior level but all his money would have paid off the previous debts the family owed to various people.

Rinku Singh’s family was in debt of 5 lakh rupees. They lived in a very small-sized house. Having started to play cricket after 10th he didn’t have overnight success in the game. When picked by Kolkata Knight Riders for 80 lakhs in the 2018th edition of IPL. He said his family has never seen this much money in their lives. 

rinku singh
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Rinku Singh’s Family

rinku singh
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Rinku’s father Khanchandra worked as a Delivery agent delivering LPG cylinders from the LPG gas company in Lucknow. Rinku Singh lives with his parents and four siblings in two small rooms inside the gas agency depot.

He realized that his heart was no longer in the lessons and went to cricket. With the family in debt, the father selling LPG cylinders, and one brother working as an autorickshaw driver, Rinku had to donate his family income by playing matches.

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He even handed his father the motorcycle he had won after being named the best player at the end of the tournament in Delhi. So that his father could deliver the LPG cylinders. Despite all the effort and sacrifice, Rinku’s cricket career did not succeed. Rinku Singh even considered working as a house helper, sweeping and scrubbing, before having the courage to pursue his dreams.

rinku singh
Source – Instagram

On Being Brought By Kolkata Knight Riders

Rinku Singh is happy to end his first dream of owning a home. Prior to the competition, she lived in a two-room apartment inside the company’s gas depot. But now he has built himself a duplex home and enjoys fulfilling his family’s dream.

“I had to build a house. People were happy when I was selected for the IPL. Now, all is well. I have my own home now. My dream was to give my family a better life. I also bought a new bike, ”he in an interview

Rinku is currently training hard at KKR cricket academy which has been coached by Brendon Mccullum. He is closely working with Abhishek Nayar who helped him be a better big-match player. He thanked Nayar for his valuable guidance. Rinku Singh scored a quickfire 35 in the recent game and took 4 fine catches. Mad4india wishes Rinku Singh to represent India in the near future and reach new heights with the talent he possesses.

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