From Selling Pani-Puri To Breaking Records In Indian Cricket, Yashasvi Jaiswal Is A Star In The Making

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Yashasvi Jaiswal

“I have failed at times, but I never stop trying” – Rahul Dravid

As people say that hard work always pays off, a fine example of this statement is the talented cricketer and upcoming star Yashasvi Jaiswal.

Yashasvi Jaiswal has earned a good amount of respect in Indian cricket with his domestic and IPL figures, but things weren’t always like this, he had to struggle for every meal and had to sleep in the cow-barn so he could practice in the daytime.

This is the inspirational story of a boy who went from selling Pani-Puri to becoming the run machine in Indian domestic cricket.

The Beginning Struggle Of A Hero

Yashasvi Jaiswal came to Mumbai when he was just 13, he had a dream of becoming a world-class batsman and a goal of wearing that blue Indian cricket team’s jersey.

Born in a family with poor financial conditions in Uttar Pradesh, Yashasvi Jaiswal had to stay with his uncle in a small house but soon he had to move out of that place. His father arranged for him to stay in a cow barn only on the condition, if he could help the milkman in his work.

In the cow’s barn, Yashasvi Jaiswal didn’t have a proper bed, he didn’t get proper food, and not even a proper toilet. He had to wake up early – at 5 in the morning to help the milkman in his work. He would then proceed to visit Church Gate in Azad Maidan Cricket Ground for his daily cricket practice.

One day when Yashasvi Jaiswal came back from his practice, he saw the milkman had thrown his cricket kit outside, milkman told him to leave the place as he was not helping enough. With nowhere to go in a new city, he slept in Azad Maidan Cricket Ground. With no one to guide him, he started self-questioning.

One day his coach gave him an offer- if he performed well, he can live in one of the tents in Azad Maidan Cricket Ground. Yashasvi Jaiswal worked hard and performed, so now he started living in the tent. The condition was bad there too – with no light or toilet, he had to travel half a kilometer to access a public toilet. And the struggle was still on for Yashasvi Jaiswal, as they say, “Warriors are not born but are made in the toughest time”. This was the time for our warrior to become Yashaswi.

With no money, Yashasvi Jaiswal started selling Pani-Puris to the audience in the ground. He continued his practice and sold Pani-Puris to make ends meet and to keep his dream of playing for India alive.

One day while Yashasvi was playing, a coach named Jwala Singh saw him bat. Impressed with the youngster’s talent and willpower, he took Yashasvi Jaiswal under his guidance for free. He also offered Yashasvi to stay in his house and took full responsibility for his nutrition and clothing. He became like a Godfather to young Yashasvi Jaiswal.

Yasasvi Jaiswal
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Yashasvi Jaiswal: The Lionheart

Even after facing all these difficulties and struggles, he never let them affect his morale. Yashasvi continued to work hard and play even harder.

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At the age of 17, Yashasvi Jaiswal got selected to play for the Mumbai cricket team. Since that day there was no looking back for Yashasvi. He went to become the youngest player to score a double century in Ranji Trophy.

After his fantastic performance, Yashasvi Jaiswal received the most awaited call of his dream, he got a call from BCCI for his selection in India Under 19 cricket team.

Yashasvi Jaiswal
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Yashasvi’s Masterclass In World Cup

When he first got the call for the national team, he was totally overjoyed. All those days of hard work were finally paying off for him. In his first two games, his score was very low of 15 and 1, although he was dropped before the finals. But he later he was selected in the finals and magic began, Yashasvi Jaiswal hammered an outstanding knock of 114. This helped him cement his place in the national team.

He was selected on the first draft for the U19 World Cup squad. And he went on to show why he deserves to be in the Indian cricket team.

His score tally counted as 88, 105*, 62, 57*, 29*, 59. He went to become the highest run-getter in that tournament. For the performance, Yashasvi Jaiswal was awarded the award of ‘Man of the Tournament’. And it cannot be denied that he was one of the reasons India had a dream run to the finals of the world cup. Although India lost the final to Bangladesh. But it was clear that the future superstar of the Indian Cricket team has finally arrived.

Yashasvi Jaiswal
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Yashasvi Jaiswal’s Arrival in IPL

After his brilliant performance in the Under 19 format, it was clear that Yashasvi would be selected for IPL. And would most certainly be picked in the IPL auction.

In 2020 he was bought in by Rajasthan Royals in the IPL Auction for a staggering price of INR 2.40 Crore. He went on to play a total of 13 matches for the team and score 289 runs.

It can be safely assumed that in future ventures of IPL, he would be a match-winner for any team.

Yashasvi Jaiswal
Source – Instagram

Yashasvi Jaiswal’s Thought

On asked about how he feels about the struggle he went through he quotes “Now if I am in a tough situation, I am confident of doing well. I don’t pay the results much attention. Whatever is in my control I will do. The struggle is there even now and it will be there always. I just play with a lot of heart and I will continue to do so.”

We wish Yashasvi Jaiswal all the best for his future matches and we wish that he do well in his future endeavor. We wish him ‘Yashasvi Bhava’.

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