How Aparna Rajwat is empowering women by training them to become mentally and physically stronger through Pink Belt Mission

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Pink Belt Mission

Even after various laws in India to protect women are in place, women still feel unsafe. The statistics show that sexual assaults, rape, exploitation, and domestic violence are predominant crimes against women. Many stories of women being ill-treated are not even reported. Many women in the country are taking up different initiatives to empower other women in the country. One such motivational story is about Pink Belt Mission.

Beginning of Pink Belt Mission

One such motivational story is of Aparna Rajawat, a 16 times women’s martial arts champion who teaches women how to protect themselves. She believes women need to learn self-defense or else their sufferings would continue. She is the founder of Pink Belt Mission. The purpose is to teach women self-defense, enhance their mental strength and empower them.

Pink Belt Mission
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Activities Under The Pink Belt Foundation

More than 15,000 women have been trained by ‘The Pink Belt Foundation’ in self-defense techniques. Aparna has trained a team of young women in self-defense. These women travel with Aparna to different cities and villages to create awareness among women about their rights. Aparna feels that mental strength is as important and physical strength.

Pink Belt Mission
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Views of Aparna

Aparna mentioned, ” There are two necessities for improving the condition of women. The first is to educate them regarding the laws in the constitution to protect themselves. Building mental strength is the second necessity. I teach women and young girls the way to build their mental strength. Mental strength is required to sustain in this world.

Challenges Faced by Aparna Rajawat

Aparna won her first medal when she was 8-9 years old in a karate championship at the Agra District Karate championship. Aparna did not receive the support of her family for having an interest in sports. Numerous times she had to train with boys as there were no girls in the game. She played many championships by changing her name and by dressing up as a boy.

When she started working for empowering women, many people doubted her intentions. People thought she wanted to get into politics and wanted financial gains. They thought she was faking her concern for women. Once people realized her intentions were pure, they welcomed her with an open heart. Aparna also faced problems securing permission from the government to conduct workshops for women in schools and universities.

Pink Belt Mission
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The Pink Belt Mission Documentary

Aparna’s efforts were depicted by director John McCrite, through a documentary. The documentary is called ‘The Pink Belt Mission.’ It shows Aparna’s hard work and efforts making the world a better and safer place for women. The film was shown at the Jaipur International Film Festival.

Intentions Behind Aparna’s Work

Aparna Rajawat wishes to impart her knowledge and skills for the betterment of society. She wants to empower women by making them mentally and physically strong.

Pink Belt Mission
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To know more about Pink Belt Mission, please check – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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