DLearners: Working to make children with learning disabilities join the mainstream

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In today’s digital world, there are thousands of applications that make our life easier in many ways. One such application named ‘DLearners’ provides an alternative approach to learning. DLearners is one such platform that provides the appropriate way of learning for children who are special, not different.

The children suffering from Dyslexia or similar psychological problems can also do wonders if they receive special encouragement and support. “Taare Zameen Par” is one of our favorite movies of all time. The way Aamir Khan educates that child and helps him to overcome loneliness and generate confidence, the DLearners App constructs the same story in the real world.

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The Concept of DLearners

‘3R Research & Technology Publishing Private Limited’ provides support to children suffering from Dyslexia and other types of learning inabilities. It provides the essential technology for dyslexic children and offers different learning approaches based on their performance in education.

3R resembling Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic provides innovative and technology-based content to children. DLearners is an application launched by them that celebrates the differences and specialties of these children.

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Arun Fernandez, Dyslexic himself, started DLearners

The founder and managing director Arun Fernandez describe himself as saying, “I run an organization that works for the children who suffer from a learning disability like Dyslexia.” Such problems are referred to as Specific Learning Disabilities. Being a dyslexic himself, Arun knows what it is like to be called lazy or stupid in childhood. After facing obstacles in his academic life and realizing the harrowing experiences, Arun created this organization to support such children.

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What is DLearners

DLearners believes in progressive thinking. The experts here provide the appropriate way of learning for the children suffering from Dyslexia or similar problems, generate confidence, and bring them a step closer to their destination. Their aim is to never make a child feel isolated or disconnected from society. Every child is special and that’s why they say “Let’s Celebrate the Difference.”

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How it works

DLearners explain the concepts to children with the help of a simple screening tool that doesn’t require the help of any technical experts. The special feature of this tool is that it is available in many native languages, and can be used comfortably by teachers and parents staying in their homes.

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