How cancer survivor Radhika Talati won over cancer and adopted an organic lifestyle, Launched her brand Anahata Organics

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Radhika Talati

In today’s world, cancer is one of the deadliest diseases. Since there is no permanent cure for this, it becomes very difficult for one if they’re diagnosed. However, Radhika Talati did not cave in the face of adversity. Even after being diagnosed with two different cancer, one after another, she kept working her way up. The mother of three was diagnosed with Uterine cancer in 2001 and breast cancer in 2009.

Cancer Treatment through Conventional Methods

She opted for allopathic treatment both times. But during her treatment for breast cancer, she realized she had been putting her body through a lot of stress. The allopathic medicine and procedures were causing her more fatigue than cure. This pushed her to look for alternatives.

She was determined to find a holistic treatment. In her quest to find a treatment that cured her ailments, she came across a naturopathic doctor. Naturopathic doctors use natural ways to heal the illness. The magic of the natural treatment worked, and she was cured of skin aliments that the 9-year long allopathic treatment could not cure.

Radhika Talati
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Radhika Talati’s Inclination towards Natural Therapy

At a young age, she would always talk to her father in Sanskrit. Vedic philosophies and traditional rituals were a big part of her life growing up. But, all of this quickly disappeared from her life after she got married. So, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, she knew she had to get in touch with her roots.

Cancer does a lot of harm, not only to the organ it affects but also to the entire body. Radhika Talati was aware of this and hence she opted for naturopathic treatment.

Radhika Talati
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This treatment however painful does a lot of good to the body. Radhika Talati learned this from her 21-day long treatment, which was full of pain and was 8 hours long. Even though it was painful, it taught her the importance of yoga, meditation, and a natural lifestyle.

Without wasting any time after her treatment, Radhika set prepared to spend some time in the mountains. She understood she had to pass on her knowledge and experience to others who were suffering. So, she spent 4 months in the Himalayas. There she learned the art of yoga and meditation and came back, totally reborn.

Radhika Talati
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Anahata Organics

She then went on to start an Anahata Organic. A 100% organic sustainable lifestyle brand. Anahata is mentioned as the heart chakra in the Vedic Puranas. Products manufactured by Anahata are purely organic, handcrafted, and chemical-free.

They are also supporters of small farmers, local businesses, and women entrepreneurs. Every product is carefully curated in the Himalayas. Radhika Talati has spent several years studying, learning, and experimenting with the recipes for these products.

Radhika Talati
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A lot of recipes used by Anahata Organics are formulated from home care techniques. From old manuscripts to family recipes passed down from generation, Anahata Organics truly aims to be a homely brand. With these organic recipes, they capture the heart of ancient India and keep the memory of our ancestors alive along with curing the souls and bodies of people.

Their products range from essential hair care items to baby care essentials. They also offer gifting alternatives. Their more famous recipes include organic foods. Spices, salt, condiments, flour, oils, and other kitchen necessities.

One of her other successful foundations is the Raa foundation. Though it is still in the baby stage, it has a very promising future. This is a yoga foundation based in Vadodara Gujrat

Radhika Talati
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Even though Radhika Talati has had a very soul-crushing experience with cancer, she does not let her triumph on cancer be the only thing that defines her. She is an entrepreneur, a yogini, and the mother of three amazing children.

She is helping a lot of people heal the way she healed, holistically. Spreading awareness about the importance of an Organic lifestyle has become her life goal and there is no stopping her. Radhika Iyer Talati is one of the greatest cancer survival stories ever told and all of us are in awe of her.

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