This Man From LEEDS Business School, UK Left His High Package Job To Start Sustainable Farming

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How many people would quit a hefty package in a corporate job after graduating from one of the best universities in the world? Well, Sudhanshu did as he entered sustainable farming and organic agriculture and made a brand where he sells fresh, chemical-free, and organic products. 

Graduating from LEEDS Business School, Sudhanshu Sharma paved a path in a totally different way as he started his sustainable journey.

Sustainable farming is becoming increasingly popular. Many families are establishing a terrace garden in their homes for fresh vegetables and fruits, and some are promoting good organic farming advice.

Sustainable farming has grown tremendously in recent years, and the reason being is due to the existential crisis of climate change. One such person is Sudhanshu from Bhopal who has adopted organic farming. 

Sudhanshu, from Bhopal, graduated from the renowned university from LEEDS Business School in England. He is now a strong supporter of sustainable farming and cow-based agriculture. He has made this his life goal and business as well. He sells his products under the store – Jaivik Jeevan. 

Times have changed, and so has the quality of the product. Most of the products available in the market are adulterated or sub-standard. When it comes to our own health and body, most of us do not know what are we eating. But Sudhanshu was not comfortable with this philosophy and leaving his health at the mercy of others. Thus, seeking to bring a change, Sudhanshu hopes to deliver the best of quality-product through his sustainable farming. Organic farming is at an old- new level of practice same as many other in trend like hydroponics or Aquaponic Farming: A New And Improved Method Of Organic Farming

Mad4India brings the tale of a person who turned away from a leisure life to promote sustainable farming. 

Sustainable Farming By Jaivik Jeevan

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One of the unusual things about Sudhanshu in this story is that he doesn’t belong to a farmer’s family background. When he started he didn’t have any clue about sustainable farming. 

Initially, when he started organic agriculture, he suffered a lot as he didn’t understand the prominent aspects of sustainable farming. It did cost him as he was not from a farming background. Like every beginner, he faced a lot of dilemmas, but he learned and was determined to work in this sector.

Sudhanshu attended many camps about sustainable farming, agriculture, and organic farming. After gaining knowledge by attending camps, he first sowed Aloe Vera on his farm, which marked a new phase in his farming journey. 

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Sudhanshu also tried contract farming, where people contract with the farmer for a short term for an item like wheat, rice, etc., but it did not work out for him due to many farmers cheating in the process. 

But, as he moved forward in this field, he grasped the idea of sustainable farming and there was no looking back.

The next step was to launch his brand store from his paddy field. Although he had no idea how to start, he took the initiative and started selling it to family and friends which increased his sales. 

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Sudhanshu Sharma used his knowledge in sustainable farming and soon started its retailing activity. He started retailing sustainable products. Eventually, he started focusing on processing, designing, and packaging the product.

Sudhanshu has partnered with other farms in growing vegetables and fruits and other ingredients. He is stocking fresh vegetables and fruits along with pulses in his Jaivik Jeevan outlets and hopes to keep up his assurance of sowing and selling organic products. 

Many people have opted for sustainable farming, which is a smart thing to do for health and has no preservatives ingredients. Mad4India hopes to see more of such great nature initiatives for a better society. WE hope to see more inspiring and nature-oriented stories.

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