“Say No To Plastic Bags” – These Indian Startups Are Offering Great Alternatives For Single-Use Plastic Ban

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The Indian Government has announced a stern decision regarding “Say no to plastic bags”. Single-use plastic bags ban has been the target, as their impact has been diverse for decades.

The earth is on the brink of disaster. Just think, since the early 1950’s, some 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been manufactured worldwide. The recent numbers are alarming, the reason being, that in the past 15 years half of this plastic has already been produced, and by 2050, this number is expected to double. An estimated 8 million plastic products are dumped at sea each year, mainly from coastal countries and plastic makes up to 73% of the world’s marine waste.

Behind every piece of littered plastic residue, there is a human face. In order to save human life and our planet against life-threatening plastic bags, it is essential to say no to plastic bags. Initially, the bans and slogans of “Say no to plastic bags” were regarding awareness amongst civilians but today the action is to completely curb the practice. It might lead to inconvenience for consumers to adapt to these bans, but every crisis brings the scope for innovation.

Mad4India lists 5 Indian Startups That Will Make You Say No To Plastic Bags

1. Livegreen India – Alternative To Plastic Bottles

Made of clay, the bottles are handmade. The bottles keep the water cool through the natural process of evaporative cooling.

Say no to plastic bags
Source – Facebook

In recent years, various studies have confirmed that a certain amount of harmful contaminants in water occurs through the repeated use of plastic bottles. To address this concern, one man from Tumkur (Karnataka) came up with an innovative idea – These bottles of clay are not heavy but also keep water cool.

The Apah clay bottle is the idea of ​​Pramod Siddagangaiah who founded Livegreen India.

Clearly, pottery products break down easily, if they are not handled properly. Therefore, the lid and the clay container can be purchased separately thus allowing the person to keep the lid.

One bottle of Apah costs Rs.575 while the lid and container of clay cost Rs.275 and Rs.300 respectively.

You can buy these bottles on the website.

2. Beco – Garbage Bags

We Win Together with the environment, and not alone

Say no to plastic bags
Source – Instagram

Your ‘say no to plastic bags’ campaign would be a great success when associated with this brand from Mumbai. An idea that started with the vision to completely cut down single-use plastic bags. The range of products offered by Beco is disposable bags, tissue rolls, and specific kitchenware.

The company uses plant-based raw materials. The byproducts generated to make eco-friendly bags and tissue paper are also used to manufacture toothpicks. Choose a better present for an even better future and that’s what Beco stands for.

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3. Bakey’s – Edible Cutlery

The one who finds a solution to year-old problems are called Entrepreneurs

Plastic Alternatives
Source – Indiamart

Made from edible ingredients such as rice, wheat, jowar, black pepper, etc, Bakey’s cutlery is the world’s first edible cutlery that can be eaten even after use. This cutlery usually decomposes within 5-6 days if not eaten by rodents or insects,

The Founder and an ex-researcher (Narayana Peesapaty) put forward this visionary idea in the year 2010 itself. But the path wasn’t easy, he had to sell his houses, and borrow money from friends, families, and banks. After two years of losses he slowly started generating profits, to finally raising funding for the company.

This homegrown brand does not get soggy when placed in food or water. These vegan-friendly cutlery doesn’t go soggy in liquids either.

4. Ecobuddy – Substitute For Single-Use Plastic Products

We at ‘Ecobuddy’ save the environment and support livelihood

Source – Instagram

Pune witness a large amount of plastic waste on a regular basis. That’s when Suraj along with his friends came up and executed the idea of ‘We are Ecobuddy’.

He started selling substitutes for single-use plastic products namely, bamboo brushes, and cotton bags. The startup averages around 600 orders every day and also conducts workshops on awareness about the environment. With the motto of ‘Say no to plastic bags,’ the team drives the general public towards tree plantation and composting.

5. Yash Pakka – 100% Compostable Tableware

Don’t be part of pollution instead be a part of the solution

Chuk Brand India
Source – Instagram

Chuk, the flagship brand of Yash Pakka manufactures compostable and biodegradable tableware. Yash Pakka is an Ayodhya-based venture that has an annual turnover of over 184 crores. The firm produces 100% compostable and biodegradable tableware that is sourced from waste sugarcane fibers.

The business focus is on fast food restaurants, cloud-based kitchens, and delivery service providers. Their biggest ties up are with Haldiram, while they work closely with other businesses such as Chai Point Starbucks, Shree Datta Snacks, Kamath’s Food, and MTR, among others. The fourteen-year-old business, which took a big step in 2019 when Yash Papers was renamed Yash Pakka, transformed itself from a paper into a sustainable packaging firm.

Feature Image – Flickr, Flickr

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