Purav Desai – An innovator and the co-founder of Cupable, Making smart packaging from crop waste that is IOT-enabled and recyclable

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Purav Desai

Purav Desai was always passionate about business, sports, and the environment. These major interests led him to set up his first business at a young age. At 17 the business model he developed provided solar rooftop solutions to polluting industries on a build-own-operate-transfer, which is also known as the [BOOT] model. He revealed he is mainly passionate about creating an impact for society by scaling up sports industries and sports enterprises.

Founder’s Background                           

He completed his Bachelors in Management Studies from H.R. College of Commerce and Economics and finished his BBA degree from SVKM’s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies [NMIMS].  He also mentioned that he was a part of the core team that raised money to develop several wells in the watershed regions of Maharashtra. He also organized a nationwide chess competition for visually impaired children. He helps companies, event companies, and consumers adopt a truly circular approach to being sustainable.

Purav Desai
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Purav Desai’s Roles and Responsibilities

He’s the co-founder of Refillable, a sub-brand name under the company Recube Circular Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Refillable helps in creating reusable and refillable packaging solutions for packaged consumer brands. It also helps companies to shift to the least carbon-intensive packaging.

Along with this, he is also the co-founder of another sub-brand name under Recube Circular Solutions Pvt. Ltd., named Cupable. Cupable provides eco-friendly packaging solutions to the F&B industry. It also promotes making packaging out of crop waste and creates closed-loop cycles in events.

Purav Desai
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Recube Circular Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The tagline that Recube abides by is, “Pay for the product, not the packaging.” Recube is a social enterprise that aims to redesign the way we consume every day. Their smart packaging system is designed in a way that will neither cause pollution nor generate waste and will last forever. 

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It addresses the issue of changing the style of products made from a linear to a circular system. The products made following the linear system of designing are thrown away after use, but the circular system of designing products focuses on keeping resources in use and cycling through the system as long as possible.

The most important and primary goal of this circular system is to make those circles as tight as possible to reduce the number of steps involved in transforming the useless product to use again.

Purav Desai
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Cupable – Designs, Manufactures, and Recycles

Cupable works on designing, manufacturing, and packaging drink ware that is good for our planet. Purav Desai and his team started Recube Circular Solutions in the year 2018. Cupable is a brand under its name which aims to provide eco-friendly packaging solutions to the F&B industry. The company has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Cupable is developing technology in a way that produces reusable products that are trackable and can also be sent back to their reusable centers for washing and reusing. These cups are IoT-enabled. Some additional features of these cups are that they are dishwasher safe, toxin-free, microwave safe, and 100% recyclable. Cupable has worked with brands like Starbucks, Budweiser, Burger King, OML, etc., to name a few.

Purav Desai
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