Prasiddhi Singh – The inspiring story of a 7-year-old environmentalist on a mission to plant 1 lakh saplings

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Prasiddhi Singh

Prasiddhi Singh, a little girl hailing from the state of Tamil Nadu, has taken a step forward in working for the betterment of our environment. She is a motivation for us and it’s time we follow the same route as this is our country and it’s us who should and need to protect it.

If every person plants 1 sapling a year, we’ll know that we’re making progress towards a safe and pollution-free environment fulfilling this mission.

Planting a sapling and taking care of it is a big deal of work but this little girl Prasiddhi Singh has planted 13000 trees but that’s not even halfway towards her goal. She wishes to plant 1 lakh saplings in the coming years, which is crazy but not impossible considering her dedication and love for the environment. Along with her army of similar-minded eco-warriors, she has created 12 fruit forests in her state.

A Little About Prasiddhi Singh

Having her roots in the Chengalpattu district in Tamil Nadu, Prasiddhi Singh is a social entrepreneur and an environmentalist. She’s popularly known for being the driving force behind the plantation of thousands of trees and fruit forests in her state.

She carries out all these activities through her foundation named Prasiddhi Forest Foundation. Along with being an active environmentalist, she is also taking her primary education from Mahindra World School in Chennai.

Prasiddhi Singh
Image Source – Website

One Step Closer to Being an Environmentalist

She talked about the time when she had first planted a chili plant at her home when she was only 2 years old and she is now happy about the fact that she is planting trees. She also mentions that she has planted several plants in the backyard and has a few herbal trees as well.

Prasiddhi decided to plant trees after there was a loss of trees during cyclone Vardah which happened in 2016. She has always been inspired by nature’s bounty, how creatures collaborate with trees, flowers such as honeybees collecting nectar from plants, etc.

As said by her, she was always fascinated by all these beautiful phenomena and felt connected to nature. This young environmentalist has a forest of 100 fruit trees at her school and instead of celebrating “happy birthday”, she celebrates a “green birthday” every year.

Prasiddhi Singh
Image Source – Facebook

Sneak Peek Into Her Mission

This little angel has managed to collect funds for planting varieties of trees, from mangoes to guavas. Her friends, who used to tease her, initially came forward and joined hands a little later. They started eating the fruits and vegetables from the trees she had planted when she was 3 years. In an interview, she said that now they help her plant trees, make paper pencils, and collect funds for planting more trees.

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This young girl also conducts online classes for children to teach them about plant saplings along with yoga sessions and storytelling, all of it just to raise funds to plant new saplings every Saturday. She said that she is ready to go to any place that would give her a place for planting trees. She promised that her fruit trees will give us chemical-free fruits contrary to what we get in the market these days.

Prasiddhi Singh
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Prasiddhi’s Mission Successful

Prasiddhi Singh who is now the Youngest Fruit Forest Creator in India by India Book of Records requested all of us to be a part of her mission by doing little from our end. All she has asked us to do is to save water, plant trees, and help biodiversity for a better India. Our little contribution would make a lot of difference.

Prasiddhi Singh
Image Source – Facebook

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