Environment Day Poster! This Indian Scientist Is Making Artistic And Humorous Illustrations For Everyone To Understand

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World Environment day is around the corner and with that young brigade has the duty to make creative environment day posters for the world to learn from. Meet Dr. Vinita Bharat, who Is making science and environment day posters through a platform called Fuzzy Synapses. These posters are not just informative but are equally humorous and witty. 

Reading the jokes and illustrations in the newspaper shows us the ingenuity of the human mind. The joke is not only well organized and filled with a punchline but there is a natural character expressed by the artist with satire and vision. Vinita Bharat forges art that is worth sharing as an environment day poster

One image has the power to comment on current affairs and society, with irony. Social media and memes have become a means of communication that brings information about specific topics.

And these topics are by no means limited. Here is Dr. Vinita Bharat, a woman who endorses Fuzzy Synapse and uses a form of art to spread knowledge about the science through these innovative environment day posters. 

Vinita Bharat, The Woman Behind Creative Environment Day Poster

A neurosurgeon by practice, Vinita is a graduate of postdoctoral studies at Stanford University. While doing her Ph.D. studies at the International Max Planck Research School, Germany, she came up with the idea for Fuzzy Synapse. 

Environment day drawing
Source – Instagram

While you all might think what fuzzy synapse is, Fuzzy Synapse is a platform to simplify complex scientific ideas and concepts in a fun and easy way through illustrations and jokes.

In talking about how she landed up to this name, She told in an interview that “When I was doing my Ph.D. in Germany, whenever I came home for the holidays, I used to interact with various Indian schools where I could talk to school children about what scientists are doing inside the lab. I used to call those times ‘ chit-chat and scientists’. ”

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A person who loves doodling and expressing her ideas not only verbally but also by drawing, Vinita has come up with a new way to communicate with the audience.

Vinita Bharat
Source – Linkedin

About Fuzzy Synapses

The term ‘Fuzzy Synapses’ refers to the unexplainable connection between science and general. And ‘synapse’, in terms of biology, refers to two interconnected neurons. Because of popular opinion that science and art are two opposites. 

Talking about the name she explained, ” For me, science is about understanding and art is the way to speak. Giving a visual explanation of my ideas made it easier to understand. I have met many amazing artists who use their artistic skills in painting, media, music, knitting, etc, to convey their message.”

Fuzzy Synapse has over 215+ photos of creative science and environment day posters coming in every week. 

Here Are Some Of The Science And Environment Day Poster

Environment day Poster
Source – Instagram

This Environment day Poster Depicts the reality of climate change. It portrays a person sitting in an AC room being ignorant of all the pollutants around him on planet earth and how his ignorance is costing the environment as well. 

World Environment day
Source- Instagram

This illustration is a factual depiction of how wasting food is damaging our mother earth. This environment day poster bestows a message to general public as to not waste food.

To know more about Fuzzy Synapses and ideas about environment day posters. follow Instagram and Website.

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