This company made a successful and profitable business out of your waste – A cleanup act by Sandeep Patel

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Mr. Sandeep Patel completed his MBA from Leeds University Business School, UK with majors in project management and e-commerce strategy. He’s popularly known as the founder and CEO of the NEPRA Resource Management Pvt. Ltd.

Passionate and driven, Mr. Patel is a speaker at the IIMs and also a member of the CII Environment Committee, PlastIndia National Recycling Committee, and Swacch Bharat Mission in Gujarat. NEPRA has a tech-driven business model that plays a crucial role in several programs under the EPR–Extended Producer Responsibility. It can be also said that today NEPRA is a Zero Waste Landfilling Company.

NEPRA Resource Management Pvt. Ltd.
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Initial Challenges

The beginning was full of struggles and breakdowns for him. 68 out of 70 venture capitalists rejected him for funding. But finally when he had got his first round of funding of Rs. 3 crores; he received a call at 4:30 on a Friday morning informing him about the fire at their plant.

Sandeep mentioned that all the workers were excited about the first round of funding, and NEPRA had also ordered the needed machinery. But maybe that wasn’t their day. But the team didn’t quit or lose heart. They recovered 25 percent of the plant and built a shade over the remaining 75 percent.

Despite incurring a loss of worth Rs. 1.5 crores Mr. Patel did not give up, rather that’s when he had begun. Supported by loyal and equally dedicated workers, Mr. Sandeep Patel quickly recovered his composure and all the workers were back to work on Monday. He had even taken advice from the blue-collar workers on how to get back on track.

Spending the first few months making his way through the struggles and hurdles that came his way, Mr. Patel today sits in his newly commissioned plant in Indore and proudly talks about his two upcoming plants.

Looking at the growth of the company of almost 100 percent every year and an increase from 180 employees to 450 in a year, he shared he has plans on expanding his company further. Sandeep is a social entrepreneur in an actual sense as he is working for improving the living conditions of the weaker sections of the society.

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Social Influence

He’s creating entrepreneurs and affecting the environmental conditions with his processes of segregation and recycling operations. Not to forget, one of NEPRA’s most important and focused aim is to bring women waste pickers into the formal workforce for ensuring women’s empowerment.

NEPRA Resource Management Pvt. Ltd.
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While sharing his success story, he once mentioned that their service is an addiction for clients. The same is being reflected in their growth and ever-growing client list. The company has clients from industries, hotels, hospitals, corporate offices, and households. The service is truly an addiction because once someone gets used to their waste picking services, they won’t look behind or at any other options.

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NEPRA has also started an initiative named Let’s Recycle to create awareness among people for the segregation of waste.

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NEPRA has successfully bagged the prestigious “Garbage Guru Award” in the year 2019. The award was received by Mr. Sandeep Patel for being a leader in the dry waste management and recycling business in India.

NEPRA Resource Management Pvt. Ltd.
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Along with Sandeep, the credit for their success also goes to their team.

NEPRA Resource Management Pvt. Ltd.
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NEPRA has been growing ever since and will continue to grow rapidly for the foreseeable future and make its mark.

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