Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting – How ‘NeeRain’ Saves More Than 1000 Litres Of Water

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rooftop rainwater harvesting

The monsoon season in India has arrived. It’s a relief from the pricking summer heat, but it’s also the season where puddles of water will gather in places. It is ironic that our cities face a shortage of water throughout the year and we face water logging and floods in monsoons. If we plan to manage our water sources including rainwater, we will never have to face the water shortage or flood problems.

Today we are going to discuss an old but ignored method for saving water – Rooftop rainwater harvesting.

With rooftop rainwater harvesting, it will reduce the runoff which chokes the drains, improve the quality of the groundwater, and will also be a supplement for the requirement of water in summers, droughts, etc. 

Rooftop rainwater harvesting is also a way to stop flooding on the roads. It is a technique to decentralize the conservation of water. 

About 71% of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, and India accounts for up to 4% of the world’s water resources. More than 6%of the population lack access to safe water in India.

To combat the issues of water scarcity and lack of clean water, rooftop rainwater harvesting is the best solution for water conservation. 

NeeRain – a rooftop rainwater harvesting start-up that is enabling and empowering smooth and sustainable products to harvest rainwater from their premises. 

Mad4India brings the story of NeeRain, a start-up committed to rainwater harvesting by introducing technologies and products that help people get access to safe and clean water. 

Rooftop rainwater harvesting with NeeRain

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Water is the boon existence of life. Some people waste water while some do not have access to clean water. NeeRain is a start-up that is oriented to tackle the issue of rooftop rainwater harvesting by providing effective and economical products.

There are indeed state and government projects that encourage water conservation and offer to install harvesting systems. Earlier, the traditional method of harvesting water was simple. The rainwater is captured from the roof catchments and stored in reservoirs for future needs. It can also be stored in big tanks for household needs.

But, today, rooftop rainwater harvesting took a tech turn with its filters and functions that are worth the cause. The device of NeeRain provides a sustainable harvesting system that is maintenance-free and cost-effective. 

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NeeRain has catered a rooftop rainwater harvesting device that can be installed in thousands of households to save gallons of water. It has also been exported abroad as well.

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Water is a fundamental resource, and everyone understands its value. Years of exploitation of natural resources and climate change have led to frequent disturbances across the globe. India has been prone to floods, and droughts, along with no proper sewage system. 

The NeeRain device for rooftop rainwater harvesting can be monitored by any person. It is a two-stage process through which one can conserve water. 

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The first filter ensures that particles up to 500 microns are collected, and then the water passes through it. Then the water is in a small tank with a transparent cover which makes the process visible. In the next step, the water passes through the next filter, where the particles up to 5 microns are prevented. The water then passes out through the system, which is clean, pure, and fresh rainwater. 

NeeRain’s rooftop rainwater harvesting has saved thousand of litres of water. It is a great technique to conserve water and sustain it for future purposes.

Monsoon brings droplets of relief, but the outcome of that is severe. Most people are not inclined to safe water, but rooftop rainwater harvesting combats the issue feasibly. 

Rooftop rainwater harvesting is the best solution to store, utilize, and consume water. It is an advantage to store harvested water for future purposes and promises a sufficient water supply. 

You can also take the step like others to start with rooftop rainwater harvesting for clean, quality, and low in minerals water. 

Mad4India is glad to cover the story of NeeRain – a young start-up that is transforming India from the issue of water scarcity to a water surplus nation with rooftop rainwater harvesting.

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To know more about NeeRain, please check – Website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

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