5 Eco-Friendly Made In India Brands That Will Force You to Revisit Your Lifestyle  

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Any family gathering needs these eco-friendly made in India products that will set a precedent for all. 

Why is it that we don’t think of sustainable and eco-friendly ways to celebrate our social gatherings? Plastic plates, plastic cups, plastic containers, and the list goes on and on. Well, not just that, disposing of this plastic junk is a task of its own.  

Climate change is a real threat to our planet and humanity’s very existence. As we sit in our homes, we may not be able to make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change, but we can do something about it. In 2022, sustainable living is a need for the hour, and that is something we can all do in the comfort of our homes. And it is no longer difficult to do so.

There are several types of made in India products, that promote sustainable livelihoods through their goods and services. While the motive for doing your little to save the planet should be enough, there is plenty to be tempted to choose from such commodity. These products are always unique, and the concept attached to the product is always interesting and memorable.

To stop this endless spiral of dependency on plastics for humans, here are 5 made in India eco-friendly brands that never make sustainability go out of fashion. 

1. Chuk – Eco-Friendly Five Compartment Tray 

With the tagline of ‘Chuk, eat safe’ this made in India brand has soon become a pan-India name.  Chuk is an ovenable, microwaveable, and freezable product. The Uttar Pradesh-based firm produces five-compartment tableware. It is made of sugarcane leftover called bagasse. It composts within 60 days and is just the right brand for a social gathering. Made out of natural fibers, the customers can be sure that there are no harmful toxins. 

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2. Econus – Eco-Friendly Made In India Container

Econus is an eco-friendly mission that started in 2014 with a vision to emerge as a socially responsible brand in the global market. From variations of eco-friendly cutlery that offer the best alternative to single-use plastic bags. This product is made of areca leaves and is perfect for storing and distributing food items. 

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3. The Verth 

The Verth Box is a bi-monthly division of four to five hand-picked products, recognizing the environment and delivered right to your door. This product is India’s first sustainable registration box, and its goal is to make a sustainable lifestyle more enjoyable and affordable.

Verth has a zero-end plastic policy that includes its packaging. The brand claims to be a sustainable and environmentally friendly brand, with 5 products at a price of only INR 699.

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4. Beco – Garbage Bags

A company that rose after the ban on plastic. As mentioned earlier, disposing of garbage after a rampage party becomes an issue for all. Well not if you have this popular eco-friendly brand that sells plant-based cleaners, tissues, and towels. These garbage bags are adequate both for dry as well as wet waste. It decomposes between 2-6 months.  

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5. Happy Roots 

A national award-winning company that makes high nutrition snacks with the partnership of marginal farmers and rural women. The company has access to over 120 indigenous grain varieties and has revived many of them through product innovation.

A purpose-driven brand that has increased the income of farmers by 150%. Happy roots are known for its healthy and organic products grown and sourced responsibly. Happy roots have helped people access sustainable, and eco-friendly products a lot easier.

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