Need Of The Hour To Shrink The Waste Piles, Material Library: Creative Waste Management Solutions By Shubhi Sachan

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Shubhi Sachan

Waste management is a huge problem in our country. If you have traveled from Mumbai to Badlapur and Delhi to Gazipur, you must have observed hillocks of waste together making up a landfill. What we don’t understand is that all the waste that we generate doesn’t have to be put into landfills. The collection of waste in such a manner is one of the major reasons for health problems.

The Idea of Material Library

What we require are innovative and creative solutions to manage, recycle and reuse this waste. As responsible citizens, we need to minimize the waste we produce. Shubhi Sachan, a Noida-based textile designer, came up with the idea of ‘Material Library.’ It is a waste management creative idea that works to reuse waste materials.

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Waste Management At Material Library

Material Library is a collector’s place where the material is collected from labs, hospitals, industries, markets, malls, sheds, film sets, agricultural lands, etc. It is an exciting place for imagination and creativity, where the team finds ways to reuse and design everyday use. Shubhi mentioned, “At Material Library the aim is to house the material from agricultural and industrial waste. The waste that we innovate is a problem to the industries, farmers and a red flag for the environment.”

material library
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Project Punah

Textile industries produce a huge amount of waste. The waste does not only consist of left-over pieces of fabric but innumerable pieces of rubber tubes, copper wires, thread, spindles, and many other things. A project titled Punah is one of the best examples of a waste management project. Here Shubhi Sachan has done waste management for a large amount of garbage. She has recycled 1,80,000 pairs of protective cotton, gloves, rubber per year in one unit.

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Designing Apparel By Recycling Cotton Gloves

Shubhi Sachan designed ways of recycling cotton gloves and turning them into raw materials. Once the raw material is obtained it is used packaging and weaving new fabric. The new fabric is then used in apparel design or made into ropes that can be used in the lining of tables, chairs, and other kinds of furniture.

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Using Wasted Condoms In Fashion Industry

Shubhi Sachan planned another interesting waste management project called Cancelled Plan with a pharmaceutical company. Shubhi collects waste like blister packs used in packaging from pharmaceutical companies. Material like plastic and aluminum is taken from this and handwoven by local weavers. In Warangal near Hyderabad, used to make luxury accessories products like decorative pieces or handbags, etc. Nearly 4 to 5 percent of condoms get rejected for damage and so are sent to landfills. The team collects the wasted condoms, processed and reused as embroidery designs, embellishments in high fashion industries. Through this waste management is done properly. Such innovative waste management projects and waste management ideas are good for the environment.

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The Aim and Vision of People Working At Material Library

At the material library, the focus is to brainstorm and come up with innovative ideas for waste management. Wastage is inevitable, and with the increasing population, the amount of waste produced by each individual will automatically keep increasing daily. We need to become more mindful of how we deal with this waste and manage it in an eco-friendly manner. Creativity and imagination are the need of the hour. Mad4India wishes Shubhi Sachan all the best for all her future endeavors!

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