Krrish Chawla – A motivational story of a 19-year-old boy who made a low-cost air purifier for cleaner air

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Krrish Chawla

Krrish Chawla, a 19-year-old boy hails from the state of Delhi. His company named Breathify works for creating a low-cost air purifier and ensuring cleaner air. It’s a proud moment for us to know how he started working for the betterment of the environment at such a young age.

It is really inspirational to know that young children who are the future of the country are coming forward to work for the better India. They are working for a better and greener environment for Mother Earth. We the people at Mad4India are extremely proud of him and wish him all the best for everything he does in the future.

Krrish Chawla – Founder’s Background

Krrish, a boy from Delhi has been battling respiratory problems throughout his childhood. During the time of Diwali when people everywhere in India celebrate with firecrackers, he had to stay indoors with closed doors and windows along with inhalers and nebulizers or just chronic breath.

He is a freshman at the Stanford University where he is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Science. He is a STEM entrepreneur and an aspiring filmmaker, engineer, and golfer. He completed his schooling at Modern School.

Being the genius he is, he has completed several certification courses such as the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Art of Sales, Digital Marketing, and Entrepreneurship Specialization.

Krrish Chawla
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The Story Behind brother

Breathify is a startup by Krrish that aims to innovate cost-effective solutions for purifying the air and help those people who are battling respiratory issues.

Their tagline says

Pure air is not a luxury.

He believes everybody has the right to breathe pure air. Having struggled with breathing properly and seeing how the quality of air has been worsening with every passing day, he innovated something to improve the lives of others who are suffering in the same way he did. And thus, Breathify came into existence.

Krrish Chawla
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Breathify – Introduction

Krrish wanted to innovate air purifiers that were not only effective but also affordable for the Indians. Breathify has it all in it. It is safe, effective, energy-efficient and the world’s first eco-friendly one and costs Rs.4190/-. It is an easy-to-maintain air purifier to improve the quality of indoor areas and the overall health condition of people.

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Breathify purifiers use world standard HEFA filtration, ReverseAir Technology, and also have a non-plastic body. It can be concluded that Breathify is a simple, efficient, affordable, and effective machine that is an economical alternative to other high-priced air purifiers.

While designing the air purifier, they kept in mind the actual circumstances in an actual room. It took them around 318 prototypes, several months of research and development, and hours of testing to finally come up with this flawless, helpful and cost-effective product.

Krrish Chawla
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Breathify – How it Works

The HEPA filter is the last stage of airflow in Breathify. The air is pushed through the filter, which helps to deliver cleaner and more pure air for maximum effectiveness.  

Krrish and the designers guarantee that the air purifier will do its job no matter where it’s kept because of its remarkable mechanism. The air input is there on 3 sides that make it draw polluted air at a 270-degree angle.

This air purifier is Wi-Fi enabled and can be connected to our phones with the help of an app. It can be switched on remotely from wherever we are. It can also set reminders, timers, and we can also use our voice to command it through Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Krrish Chawla
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To know more about Breathify, please check – Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

To know more about Krrish Chawla, please check – Website, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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