Kavitha Rajan Solved The Problem Of Single-Use Plastic Single-Handedly & Gave The Country Plastic Solvable In Water

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Single-use plastic to water-soluble plastic, this start-up of Kavitha will provide you with the best alternative to save the environment.

Single-use Plastic waste is quickly turning into a major disaster and that plastic pollution is one of the most urgent environmental issues we now face. 

Single-use Plastic bags are the main polluting source when it comes to plastic pollution since they take years or even decades to degrade. Additionally, they pose a serious health risk since they burn toxic gases into the air and decompose in sunlight, releasing hazardous compounds into the soil. To Find an alternative plastic, Kavitha Rajan and her late father came up with GreenPlast just like The Duo Of Friends, who Creates The World’s First Eco-Friendly Tea Bag That Is Completely Plastic Free

Kavitha and her Greenplast 

Kavitha Rajan and her late father, Veeraswami, established the Coimbatore-based firm GreenPlast in the year 2020. It has developed a biodegradable replacement for Single-use Plastic shopping bags. Water-soluble bags and pellets from the beginning are robust and waterproof, and they may be simply composted.

Kavitha’s father set out in 2013 to discover a replacement for Single-use Plastic bags. He travelled to Japan, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China for his study to better grasp the market for plastic replacement items. 

He found a process for producing biodegradable daily-use organic bags alternative to single-use plastic. Still, he was startled to find that the major raw materials used to make these bags, biodegradable pellets, are not readily available in the market to save the plastic sector.

He understood that the only way to solve the plastic problem was to make raw materials for single-use plastic alternatives more widely available. He built up a large home lab to investigate how to make water-soluble pellets that can be blown into films and formed into bags. 

He was the first to discover an alternative to disposable plastic in 2016. He successfully constructed his first pilot plant in Coimbatore with 125 tons per month capacity in late 2020 after more study and ongoing experimenting.

GreenPlast: Switch From Single-Use Plastic To Water Soluble Plastic 

GreenPlast bags of Kaviths are an excellent alternative to plastic carry bags in the retail industry. This can assist businesses in creating a sustainable and green environment by encouraging customers to lower their carbon footprint when purchasing. 

The water-soluble biodegradable GreenPlast products are safe. Microorganism activity causes it to dissolve into H2O and CO2. Water-soluble biodegradable goods dissolve in water and disintegrate when exposed to soil.

They are composed of non-toxic components and do not produce hazardous chemicals by-products that pollute water. GreenPlast water-soluble biodegradable bags of Kavitha, unlike regular Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP) bags, do not form microplastics once dissolved.

GreenPlast Products Are Making A Difference

The firm representative claims that water-soluble polymer (PVA), processed starch, vegetable oil derivatives, and other non-plastic additives are used in the production of all goods, from pellets to bags.

They Have Three Different Products, To Know More Have A Look At It Below:

These products are safe for plants, animals, and the environment. To the industry, this newcomer of Kavitha is India’s sole producer of hot-water soluble, biodegradable pellets. 

They use a ground-breaking proprietary formula and specially created proprietary mix to create biodegradable, water-soluble pellets. These bags are a great alternative to single-use plastic bags since they can be readily dissolved or composted after use. 

These are produced using specifically designed equipment units. The business sells bags that are soluble in both hot and cold water. 

It’s biodegradable pellets may be blown into the desired micron strength using only your standard blowing extrusion machine since GreenTech Bio Products films and bags are made using technology identical to that used in conventional blowing methods. 

To fulfil the requirements of varied applications, GreenPlast Films are offered in a broad scale of varieties, ranging from those that are soluble in cold water to those that are soluble in hot water.

GreenPlast film of Kavitha is ideal for use as a packaging material because of its excellent heat-sealing ability and printability. But it also offers many additional benefits, such as high solvent resistance and gas barrier performance, which are useful for a variety of applications and are frequently used as materials for packaging agricultural chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Kavitha and her father gave India a marvellous solution to the problem of Single-use Plastic.

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