5 Ways To Go Green This Ganesh Chaturthi: Here Is How You Can Make The Festival Eco-Friendly in 2023

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Ganesh Chaturthi

Lord Ganesh, the God of New Beginnings, visits every year to bless us with strength and wisdom and wipe out all the fears and negativity. With his blessings, we can start fresh with the idea of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi in an eco-friendly manner in 2023.

Let’s not forget the shivering impact some of our choices can leave behind and opt for the eco-friendly ways to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi this year. With the same zeal and devotion with which we worship Lord Ganesh, we should also worship our mother nature. So, here are some tips to go green with the festivities:

Go Green On This Ganesh Chaturthi!

The majority of Ganesh idols in the marketplace are made of plaster of Paris or some other non-biodegradable substance. Considering the destructive consequences of Plaster of Paris Ganpati idols on the environment, especially on water bodies and marine life, it is advisable to avoid them and opt for eco-friendly alternatives instead.

Biodegradable Ganesh Idol

ganesh chaturthi
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Biodegradable idols made from natural materials like clay or paper, breakdown on their own over time without harming the environment. They do not even pose a risk to marine life because they decompose into harmless substances. So by opting for biodegradable idols, you align the cultural significance of the festival with responsible and sustainable practices, setting a positive example for future generations as well.

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Make Sure The Idols Are Smaller In Size

Larger idols require a lot of space for Visarjan. The Ganesh idol should not exceed 5 feet, or 1.5 meters, in height. 

Huge idols also utilize more clay or POP in their creation, generating more waste for the environment. It is challenging to immerse as the material takes time to dissolve in water, and sometimes it does not dissolve completely.  It makes transportation challenging and contributes to traffic congestion as well. So going for small Ganpati will not hamper the cultural sentiments and create a healthy environment as well.

Compost Organic Waste

Organic Waste
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After the festival, separate the flowers, garlands, and other organic waste and put them in a compost pit.  Your garden can benefit from the fertilizer in this compost later. If immersed, wrap them with newspapers rather than plastic bags since paper decomposes more quickly. The later production of natural colors or decorative papers for gifts can be done with dried flowers.

Submerging Idol In Artificial Tanks

Even though most of the idols are made of non-biodegradable materials, there are still ways to protect the environment and water resources. When dissolved in natural water resources, the quality of the water is degraded, and it becomes unfit for irrigation and drinking.

So, consider submerging the idols in specially constructed tanks rather than natural water sources. This way, we can prevent natural sources and protect the cultural emotions associated with Visarjan as well.

Let’s take up the responsibility of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi while preserving the environment!

Say No To Plastic This Ganesh Chaturthi

plastic plates
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When distributing Prasad, opt for banana leaves instead of synthetic plates. Disposable, non-biodegradable plates, plastic bags, and similar items are dangerous for the environment. Avoiding these is entirely feasible, so let’s adopt local and sustainable methods to safeguard our environment from human-induced harm.

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