5 important sustainable living activities to engage your kids, Make them recycle, reuse and reduce

By Harshita Singh | 2 min read

sustainable living

Plastic has become a part of our everyday lives. Be it our homes or workplace, plastic is widely used. Plastic waste is created in huge amounts and dumped incorrectly. The country is falling short of places to dispose of plastic waste. Improper disposal of plastic is harmful to the environment and for sustainable living.

For a better future, it is necessary to teach children, the future generation, the sustainable ways of living. Parents and teachers should play an active role in educating children about ways to reduce plastic waste, the harmful effects of plastic waste, and alternatives to plastic.

Parents can engage in fun activities with their children to teach them about plastic and bond with them. Here are some of these activities that are beneficial for sustainable living:-

Make Bags with Your Children

Using polythene bags is very common in India. Whenever we go to any store to buy something, the shopkeeper gives us a polythene bag. When disposed of in the wrong manner, polythene bags release harmful chemicals into the soil. If burnt, they release toxic gases into the air, which causes air pollution.

Ask your child to collect all the old clothes, curtains and old newspapers. Watch online videos of how to make cloth bags and paper bags at home. Engage in this activity with your child. Next time you or your child visits a store, carry your personalized self-made cloth bag with you.

sustainable living
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Separate Bins for Plastic and Biodegradable Waste

In India, most of the houses only have one bin for collecting waste. The waste is not segregated and disposed of incorrectly. Bring two dustbins and make your child label them. Teach your child the difference between biodegradable waste and plastic waste.

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Ask your child to put the waste according to their type. Instead of giving the plastic waste to a garbage collector, take your child to a recycling company. Make your child understand the concept of recycling.

sustainable living
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Making Furniture using Eco Bricks

Eco bricks can be put together by filling plastic water bottles, cans, and containers with different items of plastic. The eco bricks are durable.

Ask your child to make furniture using these bricks. Make small items like a chair or stool to sit on. This activity would help you and your child to bond. Also, it will enhance the creativity of your child.

sustainable living
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Using Plastic Bottles and Containers for Growing Plants

Ask your child to collect plastic bottles and containers. Take your child to a nursery and bring a few plant samplings of their choice. Let your child fill in the soil and plant the samplings. The activity will help you recycle plastic. Also, planting new plant samplings will benefit the environment.

sustainable living
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Plastic Free Birthday Party

Children are excited about birthday parties. Don’t plan their birthday party alone. Involve them in the planning. During a birthday party, the food is usually served on plastic plates with disposable plastic glasses, spoons, and forks.

Ask your child to be innovative and come up with alternatives to using plastic cutlery. Make a list of all the items required for a birthday party made of plastic. Think of substitutes for these plastic items. Throw a plastic-free birthday bash!

sustainable living
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