5 Indian Brands That Will Throw Plastic Plates Out Of Your Kitchen – Plastic Alternative

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The year was 1960, and a Swedish engineer (Sten Gustaf Thulin) came up with an innovative invention of what the world today calls ‘Plastic bags’. Until the 1980s only a few stores offered plastic bags in America. Little did he know that this innovation would lead to an environmental disaster. Today the United States alone is responsible for producing more than 100 billion plastic bags, including plastic plates and an endless list of its sub-product! Thulin probably never saw the big polluting agent he had created.

So for generations born after the 1980s, regardless of their economic status, the use of plastic products became a part of their lives. Today, everyone is confused about how to survive without the use of water bottles, plastic plates, and other plastic products. 

Be it a party, occasional social gathering, or a kid’s birthday party, more often than not we see ourselves enjoying such events with plastic plates in our hands. The usage of plastic bags, plastic plates, and other plastic manufactured products is so much imbibed in our habits over decades that the shift never ceases to exist 

With the recent plastic ban by the government, people are left thinking about alternatives. And a lot of people are not aware of the viable alternatives to the plastic ban. Today we are covering a bunch of such startups, that have paved their way to make a sustainable shift, starting with replacing plastic plates from the ecosystem.

Mad4India lists 5 Indian Brands That Will Make You Throw Plastic Plates Out Of Your Kitchen – Plastic Ban Alternatives For Disposable Cutlery

1. Pappco Greenware

Plastic Plates
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Founded by Anil Agarwal, Aadesh Agarwal, and Abhishek Agarwal in 2011, Pappco Greenware based in Mumbai produces eco-friendly food packaging products. Offering alternatives to both plastic and paper products, Pappco Greenware offers more than 150 products in all categories such as plates, utensils, glasses, tableware, spoons, forks, knives, paper containers, etc. These products are made of natural fibers such as sugarcane, wheat grass, and bamboo.

Given that sugar and bamboo ripen in just two years, reducing the dependence on trees and eliminating the need to use oil added to plastic products. With more than 150 products for the users to choose from, this brand perfectly replaces the space in your kitchen.

Price Of Plates – 11″ FOUR COMPARTMENT PLATE for Rs. 10.79 per piece.

2. Papla

Plastic Plates near me
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Disappointed with their 9-5 corporate work routine, a couple (Devakumar Narayanan and Saranya) wanted to pursue something of their own. The fun things begins when plastic plates were nowhere close in their mind.

Cut to, their dream came true in the form of Papla, which is an environmentally friendly business that makes tableware and other products from fallen areca leaves. The idea was to reduce the negative impact people have on the environment due to the continuous use of plastic plates and products

“Arecanut leaf sheds are a great way to replace plastic and paper. We named it ‘Papla’ by combining this idea – less paper with less plastic, ”said Saranya in an interview.

From plates, and spoons to utensils, Papla offers a variety of tableware in sizes ranging from 4 -10 inches. Things are also customized when you request them. They cost anywhere between Rs 1.50 and Rs 10, the good thing being they are the best sellers in the business. Papla produces other items including handmade soap, badges, hats, handmade fans, and wedding invitations.

Price of Plates – 6 Inch Square Shallow Areca Leaf Plates – Rs. 4 per piece

3. AstuEco

The Bengaluru-based AstuEco offers plates, trays, glasses, cups, and utensils, which are natural and biodegradable. Founded by Anitha Shankar and Tejashree Madhu in 2017, The firm is currently researching bamboo, paper, bio-plastic, and organic products to find other earth-friendly alternatives. 

AstuEco has two plants, one in Shimoga and the other in Hosur. The capacity of both plants is to produce over 100,000 units per month. About 30 percent of its business comes from online channels; some from its distribution network in retail stores.

Price of Plates – ROUND 3+1 PARTITION PLATES | 12″ | BUNDLE 20 PIC – Rs. 669 for 20 pieces.

4. Southern Leaf Co.

Southern Leaf Co. is a company designed to provide sustainable solutions in the food industry especially when it comes to plastic plates. The company specializes in providing a wide range of waste-based, and plant-based products. These include plates, trays, containers, shells, containers made of fiber cane, and bagasse.

Mumbai-based Niyati Thakker Shah, a graduate of strategic management from London, manufactures and sells bagasse-based products since 2016. She started with two products and now sells more than 25 tableware products. The world knows it with the name of Southern Leaf Co.

Southern Leaf Co. also provides paper containers, paper mirrors, paper bags, and wood-cutting tools, all in sustainable measure and ‘being true to earth’.

Price of Plates – SLC 11 Inch 4 Compartment Round Plate | Eco-friendly, Disposable | Pack of 15 – Rs. 180 for 15pcs.

5. Greenvale Eco Products

Cost of plastic plates
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Many people do their share of good like this Faridabad Mother who Opens Crockery Bank To Fight Disposable Plastic Menace – Replaced 5 Lakh Plastic Plates From Roads.

With the motto of ‘From nature to nature,’ Greenvale eco products fill the void that plastic plates have otherwise created in the environment. Greenvale eco products are a responsible startup that follows a chemical-free and healthy process of manufacturing plastic plates and tableware. The eco-friendly products are built with properties that make the plates microwavable and refrigerator safe as well.

Greenvale eco products are amongst the leading biodegradable tableware manufacturing institutions that make a big difference in the environment.

Price of Plates – 12 Inch 4 Compartment Round Biodegradable, Compostable Round Plates, Made up off Natural Resources – Rs. 229 for 25pcs.

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