Suhani Shah – The Only Female Mentalist In India, Who Is Creating Magic Since 7

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From Deciding on Homeschooling To Being In A Male Dominant Industry Suhani Shah has bossed her way up. 

When you were a child, the thought of magic always fascinated you. The movies and books you read about Harry Potter made you believe that magic existed. While all of us were fascinated with magic there was Suhani Shah who made it a passion and was performing day in and out. 

Suhani Shah chose a career that wasn’t mainstream. Magician, Mentalist, Illusionist, or a Performer call it as you may like, but the innate sense of understating of her craft is something that makes Suhani Shah stand out. 

She is a professional hypnotherapist, author of more than five books, a great orator, a corporate trainer, and an illusionist. To add to all this, she also explores her adventurous spirit by traveling to new places.

suhani shah
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Why Magic?

As a child, everyone aspires to make themselves great with professionals and careers focused on our heads. Pilot, engineering, banking, and now maybe the ever-growing media field, but for Suhani Shah, there has never been an option. To which a question might pop your head as to why would one choose a strange, unique, and perhaps financially underpowered occupation. 

“I must have been 4 or 5 years old when I saw a magic show and I was amazed, I didn’t want to see another show, but I wanted to act it,” she narrates this in an interview. Suhani Shah also, recounted how she repeatedly poked her parents for letting her perform art and learn magic. The young stepped onto her theatre of dreams when she was just 7. 

“In those years, you had no fear of the stage, or of any preconceived ideas about anything. Suhani went, I performed, and that was it, ”

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Suhani Shah’s Childhood

Suhani Shah’s childhood was all about shows, magic, and performances.  She could not finish school after class 1. “It has not been easy for me. When I was a child, my parents made a decision for me to study at home, as I sometimes had shows abroad and my schooling came in the way. It was then that I told my parents that I wanted to perform. They honored my wishes but made sure I completed my studies, ”.

suhani shah
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Suhani Shah, entered the Guinness book of world Records as the world’s youngest magician when she was seven. She has won several awards and has been conferred the title of Jadoopari by the All India Magic Association. As of 2021, she has done more than 5500 shows.

suhani shah
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There are numerous accolades that Suhani Shah had conquered when she was a mere child.  This can give complexity to any millennium trying to make it great in 9 to 5 jobs. And it is because the job you have chosen is something that not everyone can think of to pursue

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On Being The Only Female Magician Of The Country 

suhani shah
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‘This has never bothered me at all’, Suhani Shah only realized that maybe she is the only female doing this gig. However more than that she aims to fight the notion that people have created magicians.  

 There was a magical era in India – shiny hats, gold-plated headdresses, and other funny choruses followed by a rabbit pulled out of a hat – the K Lal era.  Suhani, as a child, did the same.

But she changed her performance after that, and so did some deceptive young people. The problem is that people still have the same image in mind, and it has been a challenge for Suhani Shah and other magicians to change that.  Magic still needs to work its way into people’s minds.

Suhani Shah ended the interview with a few lines “Everyone in this country, especially girls, should be allowed to make their own choices. A certain level of elementary education is required, but I do not think everyone must study the Pythagorean Theorem to improve his life. However, I would love to use it if I could do magic based on math, ”she smiled while narrating her thoughts to the interviewer.

suhani shah
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Who is Suhani Shah?

Suhani Shah, an Indian mentalist, artist, YouTuber, magician, and therapist, was born in 1990. On October 22, 1997, she performed on stage for the first time at Ahmedabad’s Thakorbhai Desai Hall. She has received numerous honours and has been given the name Jadoopari (magic fairy) by the All India Magic Association.

Sources – Wikipedia, Indiatimes.

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