Android 7-year-old game developer: Meet Shreya Dandotia, who designed her own android game

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If asked to imagine a 7-year-old child, we would imagine a small child playing and learning the basics in school. Young children love playing games outside and online. They spend most of their time playing.

What if we tell you the motivational story of a 7-year-old girl who not only loves to play games but also designed an android game? Yes, this is true. Shreya Dandotia designed an android game.

Shreya’s Interests

Shreya Dandotia lives with her family in Indore. She is a student of Shri Satya Sai Vidhya Vihar. Until last year, Shreya, like her other classmates, spent time playing games online and attending classes. She actively engaged in hobbies of art and craft. She spent a lot of time playing Worms Zone as this was her favorite game.

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Introduction to Unity 3D Structure

During her online classes, she was introduced to Unity 3D by one of her teachers. She found the concept fun and approached her uncle.

Shreya’s uncle suggested and motivated her to learn Unity 3D. She finally decided to give 3-4 hours per day to understand the application. She sat every day and learned to use the application.

She realized that the concept of Unity 3D and creating an android game was fun. Shreya has a keen interest in playing android games. The idea of creating her own android game excited her.

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Hard Work to Understand the Game

Shreya began learning Unity 3D structure followed by gaming canvas, designs, objects, components. Before designing the actual game, she gained knowledge of everything necessary required to create a game.

Before designing the game, she spent seven to eight months understanding the whole application. Finally, she constructed her own android game.

Designing The Cube Android Game

Shreya observed a cube on the platform. It gave her the idea of a cube running. She decided to make the game Cube Run. The game is available on the Play store for 3+ children.

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In the game, the player needs to guide the cube. Then the player needs to stop them from crashing into the obstacles in the path. With each level, the difficulty level rises. The player needs to save the cube, and the speed keeps on increasing.

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Family’s Support

Shreya’s uncle helped her in setting up a Google Play account. He also provided help in filling in the metadata on Play Store.

Shreya is currently working on adding levels to the game. Whenever Shreya faces any problem, her uncle and school teacher always step forward to help her out.

Shreya worked very hard on developing her own android game.

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Plans for Future

Shreya is very passionate about playing games. She wants to design more such games. The idea of designing games makes her happy. Her success story of making an android game is a perfect example of empowering women.

She plans to learn how to make android games in detail in addition to her studies. She feels happy as she has found her passion and realized her talent at a very young age. She plans to develop many more fun android games for everyone.

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Link to the game on Google Play Store – Cube Run – Apps on Google Play

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