At 19, Maitri Patel Becomes India’s Youngest Commercial Pilot – How Did She Do It?

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As we grew older, our desires for what we wanted to be changed frequently. Fewer people realize their dreams when they are young. Maitri Patel knew what she wanted to become as she grew old but also worked hard to achieve it.

It is a surreal feeling to achieve something you have long wanted. At just 19, Maitri Patel became India’s youngest commercial pilot.

For what many of us know or have gone through, finding your passion and working ahead is a life milestone. Most of us, more or less, compromise in life, but Maitri Patel, at such young age, gave an uphill battle to fulfill her dream.

Maitri Patel has had her share of difficulties. She overcame the obstacles.

Mad4India brings the story of Maitri Patel, a 19-year-old who became the youngest commercial pilot in India. It is the story of insight and revelation.

Maitri Patel – Youngest commercial pilot in India

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Hailing from Surat Gujarat, India, Maitri Patel achieved her dream at a very tender age. But what makes her achievement district? She is the daughter of Kantilal Patel, who works as a farmer. She had to face many ordeals, but her resilient attitude never let her step down.

Maitri Patel’s father works as a farmer in the Olpad area, and her mother works for the Surat Municipal Corporation’s Health Department. Sending her to America was not easy in terms of the cost. Despite facing the utmost difficulties and financial crisis, Kantilal Patel enrolled in Metas Adventist School, a private and relished institution for academics.

While growing up, Maitri Patel had seen many planes land and lift off the Earth’s surface. As his father used to ferry people and would see planes take off and land, he vowed that his daughter would fly a plane and travel the world one day. The glimpse of seeing an airplane crafted in the young girl’s mind, and today, she is living that dream.

The dream to fly a plane began when she was 8 years old. It was her childhood dream to become a pilot after Maitri Patel saw an airplane for the first time.

She started her training in Mumbai while studying in Surat.

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After completing her 12th, she underwent & completed 11-month training and was certified as a commercial pilot in the US. Although the commercial pilot trailer is of 18 months, Maitri Patel completed it in 11 months.

It was a profound moment for her when she completed her training and asked her father to come to America. There, along with him, she flew 3,500 feet, a proud moment she will cherish forever.

Maitri Patel’s father sold a portion of his family land to cover the costs of the pilot training course in the United States. Her family sacrificed a lot for their daughter’s happiness and well-being.

Maitri Patel wants to fly Boeing Aircraft, for which she will soon start the training. She is also yet to receive her Indian license, which will authorize her to fly across the nation.

Image Source – Twitter

The former Chief Minister of Gujarat, Vijay Rupani, praised her. He congratulated her for completing the vocational training and wished her a sky-touching career.

The 19-year-old Maitri Patel has set up an exemplary for many by setting up the record for becoming India’s youngest commercial pilot.

Once fascinated by airplanes, today she is flying them. Maitri Patel has set the record. Mad4India wishes her a prosperous journey and hopes to see more people breaking records and winning in life.

Sources of information – India Times & The Logical Indian

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