How India’s First Rural Women’s Bank Has Empowered The Lives Of Women

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India's First Rural Women's Bank

Small victories lead to a bubble of success. And if it starts with a revolution and denial, it’s sure to have a powerful impact. 

Chetna Sinha is a person who willed herself to empower women in rural India by establishing “India’s first rural women’s bank.” Her contribution has surfaced to aid and encourage the women of the area. 

The first women’s bank in India provides loans for small things like buying a laptop or setting up an enterprise. This unique bank, designed to help women in Indian villages, has earned the title of India’s first rural women’s bank. 

With a sheer determination to change society and enhance women’s independence, Chetna Sinha’s “India’s first rural women’s bank.” is more than just lending funds. Mad4India brings you another story of resilience and stimulation provided by the Bharatiya Mahila Bank.

India’s First Rural Women’s Bank – Mann Deshi Mahila Bank

India's First Rural Women's Bank
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The Mann Deshi Mahila Bank, founded by Chetna Gala Sinha, is a social entrepreneur working to empower women in rural India by assisting them with business tactics and skills, means of production, and access to land. She provides useful entrepreneurial lessons for the growth and transition of women’s lives. 

 Mann Deshi Mahila Bank, India’s first rural women’s bank, was set up in 1997 and aims to support female microentrepreneurs to date. It was the country’s first bank for and by rural women, offering short-term loans and insurance plans to help them grow. Regularly, the foundation also develops products that are affordable for the bank. 

Thousands of women have benefited from India’s First Rural Women’s Bank. This first Mahila bank in the world doesn’t only provide financial banking but also an emotional impetus to become successful entrepreneurs. 

The Mann Deshi Foundation, which operates financial literacy classes for rural women and functions as a business school for them, collaborates closely with India’s first rural women’s bank, the Mann Deshi Mahila Bank. Through these classes, women are taught about savings, investing, insurance plans, loans, and other topics that give them the independence and courage to create something inspiring for themselves.

Started as a bank to help with the necessities of rural women, today it has several branches and hundreds of thousands of account holders that help them build a better future.

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India’s First Rural Women’s Bank Has Motivated Indian Women

India's First Rural Women's Bank
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Indian women, especially those living in rural areas, face many hurdles and are prone to the prejudices of society. Chetan Sinha wanted to shed some light on these women’s strengths.

It all started when rural women approached Chetna about how to open a bank account. Her realization that these women face numerous obstacles prompted her to establish this organization to meet these women’s needs.

But everything didn’t fall back into place immediately. Chetna Sinha was denied the licence on the basis that the women she would be providing loans to are ill-treated and have less knowledge of digital banking. But, she didn’t cower; instead, she received tonnes of appreciation and support from many rural women. 

Chetna’s effort did not go to waste. From scratch, she built an organization that provides doorstep services as well. 

 India’s First Rural Women’s Bank – Mann Deshi Mahila Bank provides microcredit finance depending on the situation, which can also vary over the years. It has also urged rural women to choose cashless banking. Not only do they have an account, but they also receive business lessons. 

The Bharatiya Mahila Bank, which Chetna Gala Sinha founded as India’s first rural women’s bank, has more than 100,000 customers, has lent more than $50 million, and frequently develops new financial products to meet the needs of female microentrepreneurs.

India's First Rural Women's Bank
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Apart from that, it also provides group loans and is customized according to the capacity and customers’ repayment options.

They continue to be committed to making it possible for women to access, comprehend, and feel at ease with cashless banking as Mann Deshi Mahila Bank moves forward with its mission to empower rural women and offer a haven where they can borrow funds and establish a home-based business or enterprise. 

To enable women entrepreneurs to benefit from cutting-edge technology, the Mann Deshi Mahila Bank, also regarded as India’s first rural women’s bank, is getting ready to provide agent-based, real-time digital banking services at convenient locations.

Chetna Sinha has created a revolution by incorporating India’s first rural women’s bank in the field of microcredit. It is truly amazing how one simple start can turn into something impactful. It’s always a delight to see women earn more. With so many success stories, it is only reliable that the journey always gets better. Mad4India wishes Indian women and the world’s first Mahila Bank tremendous success.

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