From UP Village To Oxford To IPS, Ilma Afroz, Daughter Of a Farmer, Left Her Job In Abroad To Serve The Country

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Ilma Afroz

There are two common dreams among Indians. One is to head abroad for a better living, and the second is to crack the UPSC examination and join the government service.

Ilma Afroz fulfilled both. She studied at a prestigious university in the UK and cracked the UPSC exam to serve the nation.

If you are born with a boon to change the world, you will eventually find a way to fulfill it. Being a girl and coming from a small village, losing her father at a young age, and fulfilling her dreams while facing her struggles is something that Ilma Afroz did.

Being the right student since childhood and carrying an ambition, she made the country proud by clearing the UPSC examination and becoming an astute IPS (Indian Police Service) officer.

Mad4India brings an affirmative and stirring story of Ilma Afroz, who quit her job abroad and came back to serve her nation.

Ilma Afroz’s journey

Ilma Afroz
Image Source – Instagram

Hailing from Kundark town in Moradabad district, Uttar Pradesh, and being the daughter of a farmer, Ilma Afroz dealt with life ferociously before it gave her a sense of pride.

Her father died when she was 14 years old. Her mother single-handedly raised her and her younger brother. While nurturing the two siblings, her mother gave good values and morals and highlighted how hard work is the key to success.

Ilma Afroz’s family is the pillar of strength. They made numerous sacrifices to send her to an unknown foreign land. Her younger brother saved money for her education purposes.

After completing her academics at a school in the Kundark own, she came to Delhi to pursue a bachelor’s in Philosophy from St. Stephen – one of the well-known colleges at the University of Delhi.
Ilma Afroz earned her scholarship to Oxford University at Wolfson College, but due to financial constraints, she couldn’t travel back home. After graduation, she moved to New York to attend a voluntary service program.

Even though she was faring well in New York, her heart was in India.

In 2017, Ilma Afroz cleared the UPSC civil service examination and was inducted into IPS officer. She scored an overall 217 rank. She joined her position as IPS – Indian Police Service officer in 2018.

Ilma Afroz
Image Source – Instagram

Ilma Afroz wanted to serve her nation and do something beneficial for society. She left a high-esteemed job in the UK, where the young generation’s dream is to get settled there.

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In the many feats of her success, Ilma Afroz also founded Hope in her village Kundark. It is a community-promoting networking platform to provide education for underprivileged children. Her sphere of reign regarding societal work has gained massive respect and praise from the village.

Earlier, they were those people who used to nag and taunt Ilam Afroz’s family for sending her abroad for higher studies. But today, she is widely respected for her responsibility and good work.

Being a woman and fighting against all odds against prejudice and societal pressures, Ilma Afroz is exemplary for those dreamers who wish to conquer the height of success.

UPSC – Union Public Service Commission is scrutinized as the toughest civil examination in the world. Ilma Afroz not only fulfilled the passion of studying and working in a foreign land and a prestigious university, but she came back to serve her nation.

Ilma Afroz
Image Source – Instagram

Nothing fathered on Ilma Afroz’s way when she was working too hard to be successful. In this journey of recognition, the pillar of strength goes to her family for believing and sacrificing for her sake.

Being in the administration, she wanted to bring positive changes in her village and bring betterment changes in the society, which she diligently did.

Mad4India salutes the challenge of Ilma Afroz and people like her who reminds us that grit, persistency, and determination can achieve anything.

Source of information – India Times

To know more about Ilma Afroz, please check – Instagram

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