Inspirational! Meet 30-YO, Kriti Garuda India’s First Civilian Woman Helicopter Pilot

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Helicopter Pilot

A helicopter Pilot is a professional who is trained and holds a license to fly a helicopter, mostly led by males. Pursuing male-dominated jobs takes a lot of courage. This woman has taken it as a challenge by breaking stereotypes.

Meet this 30-year-old Andhra Pradesh woman who is the first civilian women helicopter pilot. Kriti Garuda is also the first and only Indian woman to be trained as a helicopter pilot in the United States. She possesses five licenses, although only two are required to be recruited as a pilot.

India’s First Civilian Women Helicopter Pilot

Kriti is serene and poised, which is the opposite of what one might expect from a woman with so many accomplishments.

To be a helicopter pilot, you must be mentally calm and agile at the same time.  Furthermore, the weather in that area is unpredictably volatile and can become hostile at any time. A single blunder might put your life in jeopardy. As a result of her hands-on experience, she has developed this tranquility.

It was difficult for Kriti to persuade her parents because she is the only kid. Her mother is a psychotherapist, while her father is a doctor. Kriti’s schooling has to be completed, they insisted. As a result, she graduated from BITS Pilani in Goa with a formal engineering degree. She accepted a job, much against her will.

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During those two years, however, the idea of becoming a pilot never left her mind. She took a break from work and began traveling and researching how to make her dream a reality.

Dream Of Becoming A Pilot Never Stopped Her

She had always wanted to be a helicopter pilot. However, she was unaware that a civilian could do so without pursuing a career in commercial aviation. Furthermore, as a civilian, becoming a helicopter pilot in India is difficult due to the lack of a training school. She learned after an extensive investigation that she can pursue it on the civil side, particularly in Canada, the United States, and South Africa. She founded a company in Hawaii in 2017.

There are three bases for the company, each on a distinct island. It’s a school that gives tours and, on occasion, charters, among other things. Kriti enrolled in helicopter pilot training and finished it in less than a year. She was hired as an instructor after her outstanding performance and worked for a year. Kriti was later elevated to Assistant Chief Pilot, and she has been the Chief Pilot for the past two years.

Kriti offers some advice on the abilities needed for a successful pilot. Flying isn’t just about using one’s intellect. It necessitates the pilot’s ability to sense the anatomy and mood of the helicopter.

Racist and sexist slurs were among her obstacles. She had to deal with sneers from co-students since she was Indian. Kriti faced it all, despite being mocked for her linguistic accents.

Experiencing The Greatest Moments Through Her Career

Kriti has had numerous noteworthy moments during her career, from her training as a pilot through her progressive advancement. During her time as a tour pilot, she discovered that dealing with visitors and keeping them calm in the face of inclement weather was no simple task.

She flew a helicopter that her boss had purchased, but transportation was difficult due to the holiday season. Kriti and a co-student flew it from Florida to Los Angeles for 5-6 days. Another remarkable experience was her nighttime flying over active lava. It was the most fantastic event for her.

Her first encounter with Auto Rotation is indelible in her mind. It showed Kriti how important it is for a pilot to pay attention to the smallest details, such as syncing the fuel setting with the altitude.

Hovering in a helicopter is another difficult skill. Kriti has perfected it and is willing to share her knowledge.

She is currently on break and working on improving her skills.

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  1. No…this is wrong …i knw atleast 7 female civilian helicopter pilots personally. They were co trainees back in 2011 in RWA, Bangalore And I’m sure they were not the only lot even at tht time …pl research first before writing blogs

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