Dr. Bhuvana Vasudevan: Making a Positive Impact on Lives Of Students Through Her Unique Teaching Methods

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Dr. Bhuvana Vasudevan

Teachers play a very important role in our life. They help us shape our personalities and become better as people. A student with learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and slow learners face many problems in school. They require special attention and care to learn and grow. To help such children, Dr. Bhuvana Vasudevan started a school.

Early Work Experience

Dr. Bhuvana Vasudevan belongs to Puducherry. In 1993 Dr.Bhuvana Vasudevan taught at Kendriya Vidyalaya as a special educator and therapist. While taking the classes, she observed that some students were not able to grasp the concepts being taught in class even when they nodded their heads. The same things were evident to her when these children were asked to answer in class, were given assignments, or the way they performed in examinations.

Dr. Bhuvana Vasudevan
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Efforts Made By Dr. Bhuvana Vasudevan

The doctor first identified the performers and the non-performers. Then Dr. Bhuvana Vasudevan made a case file for each non-performer. During those times, people could not rely on the internet for information due to its unavailability. Dr. Bhuvana Vasudevan relied on books for information and to understand the problems being faced by these children. She came up with different teaching methodologies for these children as the traditional teaching methods did not seem to work on them.

Dr. Bhuvana Vasudevan
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Helping Children

Dr. Bhuvana took the help of some psychological techniques of teaching and learning. Dr. Bhuvana Vasudevan realized that these students required some extra effort from her side to learn, and she was ready to work hard for her students’ benefit. Dr. Bhuvana Vasudevan timely took their aptitude tests and checked their progress. To make learning more interesting, she included games and fun activities for the children.

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Giving Special Attention Attention

Dr. Bhuvana Vasudevan mentioned, “The parents of these students had given up on them. Other teachers constantly complained about their children but I realized that these children need special attention and someone to understand them. So, I stepped in.

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Opening a School

In 1998, she started a school for children with intellectual disability, learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, and other developmental disorders. The school is known by the name of Bridges Learning Vidyalaya and is located at Thanthai Periyar Nagar. Children with childhood trauma and slow learners can also take admission at the school.

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The Functioning of The School

The school follows the Puducherry Board syllabus. Students from classes 1 to 12th are welcomed to the school. Malin’s Intelligence Scale is used to classify the IQ of each child into mild, moderate, and severe. Based on the IQ scores, children receive the attention and love they require. Dr. Bhuvana Vasudevan mentioned, “I design the teaching methods based on every child’s need. I put myself in their shoes before I teach them. I want them to lead a happy and meaningful life to the maximum extent possible.

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Impact On The Lives of Students

The employed teachers receive proper training and instructions before handling the students. The school has helped educate more than 6000 such children in the past 25 years. Some of them have made the school proud with their achievements. Some of them are working as engineers, doctors, and managers in well-known companies.

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Noble Work

Dr. Bhuvana Vasudevan is doing noble work through her school. She has changed the lives of many students and has helped them lead well-rounded lives. Mad4India wishes her all the best for all her future endeavors!

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