Naaz Joshi is India’s First Transgender Showstopper, Winner Of 8 Beauty Crowns

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naaz joshi

Naaz Joshi is a name that means pride. True to its name, she has made the country proud by becoming the first International transgender beauty queen. 

As a transgender, she demands no discrimination and jobs for the trans community. 

While growing up, she had no moral support from her family and faced many hurdles in life. Today, she is world’s only trans beauty queen who has won pageants against cis gender women.

Naaz Joshi vouches that together with empathy and equality, the community can move forward. The world cannot change if you don’t start for it. Since, she has won 8 beauty crowns and is an active vocal about skill development of trans people. 

Mad4India brings a riveting and undaunted story of Naaz Joshi – India’s first international transgender showstopper and eight beauty crown pageants. 

Naaz Joshi‘s journey

naaz joshi
Image Source – Instagram

Apart from being an international trans beauty queen, Naaz Joshi is a trans rights activist, and a motivational speaker. Born on 31 December, 1984, in New Delhi, India as a boy Aizya Joshi.

 At the age of 7, she was abandoned by her family sent to a distant family to avoid the haunting taunts and remarks from the society for her feminine behaviour. 

She enrolled into National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) to pursue Fashion Designing in 2009. She worked with designers Ritu Kumar and Ritu Beri after college. Later, Naaz Joshi ditched her designer world and decided to become a model. 

She later completed her MBA from Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad, in Marketing. 

Facing discrimination abuse, she was sheltered by a trans woman. She had to go through the leech remarks and unkempt comments, but she didn’t stutter to back down from her dreams. 

She used to work in dance bar to earn her livings. She worked as an escort to pay money for the sex-reassignment surgery. 

Naaz Joshi – International transgender beauty queen

naaz joshi
Image Source – Instagram

Destiny plays its cards, and for those had the belief worked best in their counter, Today, Naaz Joshi is the only international transgender beauty queen with eight pageants – one national and seven international such as the latest Empress Earth 2021-22. 

She went from being a Miss United Nations Ambassador in 2016 to winning Miss World Diversity title thrice. She has come a long way in her career and as a person. 

naaz joshi
Image Source – Instagram

Known for her frank comments and fierce voice, she wishes empathy for the trans community. 

Naaz Joshi has been appointed as the Ambassador of the NGO ‘Dzire for life’ that works to empower women and supports child education. 

It has been a long journey for her, but she never cowered away instead faced her reality sheerness. Growing up, Naaz Joshi had no support from her family and was solely dependent on herself. 

Naaz Joshi is a proud mother of two daughters. She adopted them when their family abounded them.

The trans community in India are generally reflected to hatred and transphobia. Through her bring vocal, she vouched for equal rights for the trans community. 

naaz joshi
Image Source – Instagram

Naaz Joshi first won Miss World Diversity in 2017, becoming the first trans woman to win the title for the third consecutive year in 2019. Moreover, she was invited to TEDx at GLA University in Mathura to deliver a speech for the disabilities. 

When seen in an open stage, Naaz Joshi never flatters from talking about her struggles, inspiration, and how she overcame on this forum. 

Her will and defiant behaver has made here stand where she is today. Naaz Joshi truly has made the nation proud by becoming the first international beauty queen and a showstopper for consecutive years. 

Her voice to bring justice to the trans community and lessen the abuse, discrimination, and transphobia has made her a remarkable persona. Mad4india hopes Naaz Joshi achieves her goal and climbs the success ladder. 

To know about Naaz Joshi, please check – Instagram

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