Slaying with Gray Hair At 58, Mukta Singh Became A Pro-Aging Model & Nothing Is Going To Stop Her

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mukta singh

At the age where most elderly people retire in life, Mukta Singh just started her career. Marriage, children, and career are all set out according to age as society’s conditions. 

But, where most oldies put their hands up, Mukta Singh revamped her career to become a model at the striking age of 58. 

Apart from being good with words and a gift of creativity, Mukta Singh is also a style enchantress. Starting her career as a model at 58 was a massive upbeat, and nothing was going to stop her, not even the judgments that came prowling towards her. 

Before this, she had no experience in modelling, but she broke the barrier and flew high with her wings. 

It indeed is an inspiring women empowerment story, Mukta Singh is a role model for all those women who left their dreams but can be resurfaced if they want! 

It is truly astonishing to see elderly people breaking prejudice and following their passion. It takes courage and determination to nurture something for a better and bright future. You can also read the story of a desi couple, who launched a hair oil, Avimee Herbal at the age of 85.

Mad4India brings the story of a woman who broke the stereotypes at 58. It’s the story of Mukta Singh, who teaches us passion, grace, and determination. 

Mukta Singh – Being An ‘Air force Wife’ 

mukta singh
Image Source – Instagram

Being married to an Air force pilot, her ambitions had to take a turn due to constant travelling and transfers her husband went through. Post-marriage, her life consisted in taking care of her children and her ailing mother. 

Mukta Singh also worked as a freelance for many newspapers and magazines. Apart from being a writer, she was an artistic person who put her thoughts and vision into iconic paintings. She painted iconic musical personalities on canvas and would draft their most popular songs through graphic imagery. 

mukta singh
Image Source – Instagram

She also loved music. But amidst the passion and the jest, the feeling of doing something of her own surpassed all the time. 

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She couldn’t dedicate herself to a full-time career due to her ailing mother. With time slipping out, she accepted her greying hair. She took care of her health and followed a healthy routine. For some, it may seem casual, but for Mukta Singh, it was the beginning of something beautiful. 

The First Modelling Gig

mukta singh
Image Source – Instagram

Attending a wedding got Mukta Singh’s first modelling gig. As she embraced her grey hair, she wore a traditional outfit that attracted the eye of many people. Then, she gave her first shot as a model. 

Her family supported her in this journey. After this, there was no stopping for Mukta Singh.

Although she was breaking a stereotype and taking a road, less travelled, her family stood rock-solid with her. Along the time, she shot with big brands and gained recognition. 

The social media site Instagram played a major role in enhancing Mukta Singh for the better. It has boosted her morale. Making a record at her age, she is beyond doubt a symbolic icon of women empowerment for the ladies out there. 

mukta singh
Image Source – Instagram

Mukta Singh inspires us that age is just a number. Age has to be relished and enjoyed. Apart from being a women empowerment inspiration for many, she is also a creative person who likes to showcase it in her shoots. 

Western women are supported and not looked upon as compared to Indian women. But, it’s time we break the barrier and set a new founding example for many people. Mad4India wishes the best of wishes to Mukta Singh and for her looming career. 

To know more about Mukta Singh, check – Instagram

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