Inspiring Story of Mudit Pathak aka Artistic Yogi – 2021 Padma Shri Nominee

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There is nothing like making your passion your profession. People who follow their passion are bound to achieve success. A perfect example of this is Mudit Pathak aka Artistic Yogi. Mudit is a poet, writer, dancer, choreographer, lyricist, motivational speaker, and artist. He is an artist who inspires young artists across the country to dream big.

Mudit Pathak
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Who is Mudit Pathak ?

Mudit Pathak comes from a middle-class family in Pilibhit, district of Uttar Pradesh. He completed his school from Pilibhit and is now a student of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Evening College (Delhi University).

Mudit gets his inspiration from his grandfather who used to tell him to do something different in life. Mudit has become a celebrity and inspiration for the youth today. He also judges many events taking place in India and abroad. He is also a celebrity anchor and people like to call him as Chief Guest or Guest Speaker.

Mudit’s stories have been published in many magazines and social media platforms like Google, Instagram, Youtube. So far, he has done internships for more than 30 organizations, firms, startups, and NGOs.

Mudit Pathak
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Mudit Pathak – A Youth Icon

In the first year of his college, Mudit did internships at UIDAI Government of India and GAIL Government of India. In the second year, he started an event management company named PLAN_IT_4U, which was the first company in India that was run by only youth.

During this time he also worked with celebrities like Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapoor, and Geeta Dutta. His aim behind starting this company was to give part-time jobs or internships to college-going students. This way these youngsters could become financially independent and understand the nuances of the corporate world.

Mudit Pathak
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A Social Entrepreneur

Mudit then created India’s largest artist community named ARTISTIC_BYNATURE to support, promote, motivate, and inspire artists. Till date, he has organized more than 1000 events worldwide. During Covid’s lockdown, he also organized India’s biggest talent hunt.

Our society and parents have great expectations from their children. They force their choices on them about jobs and profession. But Mudit wishes, every artist should live their passion and become a successful person following it. Till now his company has supported 10000+ artists across the country.

After this, Mudit started his journey of THEYOGI_GANG. YOGI stands for “Youth of Global India”, which is the largest youth community in India that helps youth. They aim to empower the youth of India. They do seminars or workshops in various schools and colleges to support youth.

During the lockdown, he held the world’s first two-day live session on Instagram. More than 15 speakers from all over the world participated in this event. There was a special session called “#changemakers” on periods so that youth can learn more about this topic and debunk their myths.

Mudit Pathak
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Mudit co-founded BHARAT_GIRLUP with Pranjul Tyagi, an initiative under the United Nations. It aims to empower women, work for equal rights for women and the LGBTQ community. Along with them, Mudit organized an international event “vaktavya” which was India’s largest debate competition.

Mudit Pathak’s Source of Inspiration

Like any common child, the family members of Mudit also felt that he should focus on studies, get good markets, and join a reputable job. Most of the parents follow this set rule, but Mudit had different plans and did not want to stick to this plan.

Mudit considers himself as his inspiration. He says “I am a history creator, who walks on this own path.” However, Mudit was also inspired by his grandfather, who motivated him to do something different.

Mudit Pathak
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Mudit Pathak’s Achievements

Mudit is the first and only youth from India to be awarded the “Karmaveer Chakra Global Young Leaders” and “Rex Karmaveer Chakra Awards”. Apart from this, he has also received honors like “India’s Glorious Young Achievers Award” and “Literoma Young Achievers Award 2020”. He has also been nominated for the “Padma Shri Award 2021”.

Mudit is the founder of 4-5 companies, India Book of Record Holder, World Record Holder, and winner of “Young Entrepreneur of the Year”. He has also received an award from Saroj Khan for Dance. He is also a “Women Safety Ambassador”. He has also written a book titled – “A TALE TUCKED BENEATH SOLICITUDE”. His book is available on Amazon, and his book has been nominated for three awards.

Mudit Pathak
Source – Instagram

To know more about Mudit Pathak, please check – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter.

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