Elderly Couple At 61 & 57 Create History By Travelling 10 Countries and Taking Part In Various Adventure Sports

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Meet the elderly couple duo, Ravi Kishore Mallapragada and Sowdamini Mallapragada, aged 61 and 57 are creating history by travelling to 10 countries and many more to come.

This is a story about two elderly couple who are in love with travelling. They wanted to be able to do the same thing and so they saved up enough money and decided to take a trip around the world.

The elderly couple has visited several places together, including Jordan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Singapore, Thailand, and Cambodia. Adventure activities including skydiving, bungee jumping, scuba diving, paragliding, hot air balloon rides, and submarine rides are among their favourites.

When he was young, Ravi Kishore Mallapragada enjoyed scaling the tiny hills near his Visakhapatnam house. This 61-year-old recently scaled Kilimanjaro’s Gilman’s Point, the highest free-standing mountain in the world above sea level, as his passion continued to expand over time. His 57-year-old wife Sowdamini accompanied him. This elderly couple Is crazy about new.

Journey Of This Elderly Couple

Ravi started considering his options for post-retirement work in 2018. This is when he came across a YouTube video of an Andhra Pradesh-based YouTuber who talked about his ascent of Mount Everest. The vlogger claimed that the walk is simple if you stay well-rested and eat.

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But considering his age, the professor was aware that it wouldn’t be so easy. He started taking trekking classes at Rock Training Institute in Andhra Pradesh with his wife. Kilimanjaro is more challenging to climb than Mount Everest, according to some institute members, he learned. The latter wouldn’t be difficult in the slightest if that were accomplished.

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When Ravi finally made the decision to hike Kilimanjaro in 2020, the epidemic struck. For the following two years, he was confined to Saudi Arabia. He returned to India country in the middle of 2022 and started getting ready for the trip.

First Andhra Woman To Summit The Mountain In Her 50s

The real strength lay in the backbone and his backbone was his better half. It was his wife’s support that gave him the motivation he needed to finish the journey. He didn’t want his wife to join him on the ascent. He was worried about her health, but she persisted on going.

This couple duo and their companion made up to Gilman’s peak in 11 hours.

They were struggling to breathe after the hike. Despite the acute mountain sickness, which included vomiting, headaches, and loss of appetite, but eventually, made it.

Sowdamini is the first Andhra woman to summit the mountain at age 57, while Ravi is the second man from the region to do so at age 61, according to data from the Rock Climbing Institute.

This elderly couple was inspired to travel after seeing many individuals spend their hard-earned money on dream vacations.

They intend to travel to new places and go on short hikes. Their next destinations will be Gomukh and Badrinath. Zip lining and bungee jumping in Nepal are also on the list of things to do.

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