Language Is No Barrier For This South Sensation – Madan Gowri, A Pan India Creator Has 64+ lakh Subscribers And Shines Light On Social Issues

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Madan Gowri was born in a family that lived by the iconic dialogue from Three Idiots: “Humara Ladka Engineer Banega” As a result, Madan was always aware of what he needed to do as he grew older. The journey, however, took an unexpected turn because Madan Gowri is not where his family had hoped. But with his current stature, they wouldn’t have asked for an alternative. 

‘One day you’ll see me on Television’ – Madan Gowri 

This is what the young boy told his mother whilst watching television. The glamour of the television industry always fascinated and intrigued him. 

When Madan attempted to get into extracurricular activities at school, he was denied. He was irritated by his inability to express himself. To make matters worse, he didn’t have access to the internet until he was 16 years old. He had always been a shy and skinny kid who was constantly ignored by the crowd and audience.

Madan Gowri
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Through a home cable connection, he was introduced to a whole new world of wonderland and fascinations.

“I was astounded to see how people could express themselves online without fear of being rejected!”

However, while learning about working to witness how the internet worked, Madan was grinding his way for his ‘own thing.

Madan Gowri’s ‘own thing’ meant, pursuing engineering. 

“I was not into engineering, but Amma & Appa said, “Get a job that provides you Stability!” So ​​I did purse MBA for both of them and landed a job!”

The YouTube Inspiration 

In 2016, the video of the murder of a girl in broad daylight shook Madan, he kept thinking, “Why isn’t anyone talking about this?” That’s when he made up his mind that he is going to speak up about the case, succumbing to doubts regarding, “why would anyone watch this”?

 But he decided to give it an honest chance. 

Surprisingly, it received over 10,000 views! Friends exclaimed, ‘We had no idea!’ His popularity spiked just like that of ‘GamerFleet’, Who Built A Community Of 18.5 + Lakh Subscribers Through Gaming.

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" I backed myself to handle a lot of stories like this! So I worked, researched entire day and began editting videos in the evenings, discussing everything that was going on in the country. Initially, I planned to create videos in English and Tamil."

“Using my native language helped me reach more people. Slowly my content found an audience base and within a year I crossed a million subscribers; I could not believe it! I remember in 2 years I was making more money from content creation than my job! So I quit and went full-time with it”.

He would do his research, shoot the videos and even edit them! When the viewership increased and people watched his videos, It was his time to feel rejoice and proud.

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 Today he has built a community of over 6 million people that is growing leaps and bounds!

“It’s hard to believe that so many people listen to me! If someone had told me that I would be a full time YouTuber when I was an engineering student, I would have laughed and said, “That’s Impossible!”

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But that’s what he loves about life – Nothing is Impossible!

His Amma & Appa are proud of him today! But of course, being the typical Amma & Appa, despite everything , they urge Madan to get a job as a plan for backup!

The Infamous Elon Musk Reply To Madan Gowri 

Madan Gowri grabbed International headlines globally after receiving a reply from Elon Musk on Twitter. He tagged the Tesla CEO in one of his tweets and requested him to launch Tesla cars in India. Here are the tweets and the reply. 

Madan Gowri after receiving a reply from one of the richest individuals in the world couldn’t resist and started boasting about it on social media. 

Madan Gowri’s content revolves around social issues, educating his viewers on facts and history. From talking about homosexuality to prostitution, his cyberspace is now known as the South’s biggest YouTuber. Having the majority of his videos in Tamil, language was never a disadvantage for him. 

He is actively involved in helping and supporting people through donations, in addition to creating content. During the second wave, he and his YouTube creators banded together to raise funds and establish an oxygen plant in a government hospital. Madan, along with other celebrities, took part in YouTube India’s COVID awareness vaccination camp as well. 

Mad4India wishes Madan Gowri all the very best in his future endeavours and appreciates him for the goodness he spreads in society.

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