Journalist Sonali Khan Quits Career To Dedicate Herself To Uplifting Millions Of Children And Women

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Sonali Khan

From quitting thriving journalism to working towards the upliftment for child and women development, Sonali Khan has won millions of hearts and is on a journey to inspire more. 

The world is bestowed by beautiful people and with their actions, they make the world bearable and a better place for others to live. 

When you do something good for someone, it reflects them to do the same thing to a new person. This way, a circle is built of positivity, kindness, and empathy. 

Sonali Khan is the managing director of Sesame Workshop India. Whose famous show Galli Galli Sim Sim is very popular among the kids. It is watched by millions of students across the country. 

She started her career in journalism, but she later quit to dedicate her life towards the upliftment of women and child development. 

Mad4India brings another ever-green and insightful story of Sonali Khan, who is doing optimistic things to society. 

Sonali Khan’s Journey 

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The little girl in school didn’t know that the first award she received was of “helpful child” which later will act as a surface for the significance. 

The human rights activist Sonali Khan believes in empowering women and children. Empowering will make the future of India, it will be a stepping stone for a brighter future and tons of seamless opportunities. 

In 2018, Sonali Khan joined Sesame Workshop India, which is a part of the American non-profit organization Sesame Workshop. 

It is an organization that has produced several educational children’s programs. One of the famous Indian programs is Galli Galli Sim Sim, which is watched by more than 150 million children across the country.

Sonali Khan, the managing director of the organization aims to combine the abilities of mass media to outreach educational programs. Under her guidance, she aims to inspire, implement and develop numerous initiatives and programs to work with kids. 

Before this, Sonali Khan was already known as a human activist and human rights advocate. 

She was the director of knowledge creation and dissemination at Dasra, a philanthropic foundation. Where she worked to spread knowledge on urban sanitization, adolescent girls’ rights, democracy, and access to justice.

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Sonali Khan also worked at Breakthrough India, where she was the Vice-President and later became the country director. 

Sonali Khan – When life has other plans 

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Even before all this, Sonali Khan was a young journalist in the early 90s.

Sonali Khan completed her post-graduation from Jawaharlal Nehru University in Political Science. She then joined TV18, where she learned the ropes of visual media and outcast human stories. 

She also worked in StarTV, where she grew her expertise in researching storylines, working in partnership to create content. 

Later, she joined organizations and commented with groups that optimized education for women. She became very vocal about child marriage, injustice to the marginalized sections of society. 

Her programs are influential. It consists of videos, infographics, photos that educate children to think creatively, problem-solving issues. They attempt to build positive skills and also nudge the gap between the gender lens – that boys and girls don’t end up thinking that one gender is superior to the other.

Sonali Khan’s organization aims to read the masses that spread critical lessons and information. 

With Sesame Workshop India, Sonali Khan leads an educational mission to create innovative and engaging content that maximizes the education power for students to be smarter. 

Sonali Khan has received the Nari Shakti Puraskar from the President of India, alongside the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship for her work in ending child marriage.

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