Top 5 young environmental activists of India that are making a positive impact on climate change in 2021

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Human activities and habitual destruction lead to worsening catastrophic damage. Now and then, we hear the news on how it’s impacting the environment. With so many young environmental activists, who are trying to bring a change in the environment with their tech-driven climate action.

In 2021, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a code red for humanity. It pushed the world for more climate action. Many environmental activists, Social Work Groups, and Non-governmental Organizations came forward to protest reduce down emission gas and saw a parallel movement to curb pollution. 

The United Nations in India, in 2021, launched a climate campaign, ‘We the Change.’ This movement aims to showcase climate action by young, pioneered minds. 

There are many young environmental activists of India in 2021 that work in different sectors and fight against global warming. 

Mad4India brings you a story of inspiring and young environmental activists that are doing more to save the planet, Earth. concepts like Sustainable Fashion To Stop Climate Change, or Wastewater Solutions etc.

Garvita Gulhati

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Garvita Gulhati, better known as the ‘Water Girl’ of India, is the founder of Why Waste. It is an organization that conserves water. It is said to save at least 6 million liters of water from being wasted with help of people.

Why Waste is India’s largest youth-led movement to conserve and preserve water. 

Garvita was the only Indian among 60 others from 42 countries to win the ‘Global Changemaker’ in 2018. 

She got the inspiration to start Why Waste when she came to know that more than 14 million liters of water are wasted every year. From then, she was not stopping. She had impacted, educated, and changed the mindset of many people to conserve water. 

Garvita Gulhati also received the prestigious Diana Award in Wales. She is on Forbes 30 under 30 for her social impact in 2021. 

She is an environmental activist that has stepped to save the planet with her actions. 

Sneha Shahi

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Since she was small, Sneha Shahi showed her interest in environmental changes. 

Sneha is a Ph.D. student at ATREE ( Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment) in Bengaluru, India. 

She is a water conservationist and is working to curb the plastic use that damages the environment. She is working to stop the reduction of single-plastic use that has choked the diversity of India and water bodies. 

To date, she has deducted 700 kg from urban streams and water bodies and eradicated waste management from water bodies. 

Sneha Shahi is one of the young pioneered minds as an environmental activist in the climate campaign, ‘We the Change.’

There are many change -makers that have taken steps to curb pollution and sustain the environment. You can also read about, Varun Ravindra, A Former Corporate Employee Who Has Turned 100+ Acres Of Barren Land Into Forest.

Heeta Lakhani 

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Heeta Lakhani is an environmental educator. A series of events opened her eyes, and here is she as a person trying to bring a positive change in the environment. 

Heeta is an environmental activist that has attended multiple United Nations conferences and frameworks. She has attended the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and started interacting with local students after attending the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris in 2015. 

She is the Executive Director of the 11th World Wilderness Congress (WILD11), an organization about water conservation, biodiversity, and climate change. 

She also started her climate program Green Warriors where she educates about climate change and hopes to bridge the gap in the environment among children. 

Heeta Lakhani is awarded the YOUGO Focal Point from Global South India.  

She is courageous among many environmental activists that aim to bring a change by educating students about the seriousness of climate change as they will be at the forefront of the impact. 

Soumya Ranjan Biswal

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Soumya Ranjan is among many environmental activists that work towards marine conservation. He solely focuses on preserving Olive Ridley sea turtles. He has managed to clean up around 230 beaches and collaborated with local bodies and social work groups to restore wildlife. He has also encouraged local students to promote long-term wildlife management. 

He has been actively involved in wildlife conservation and is appreciated by Odisha’s CM. 

The mangrove destruction, climate degradation, and its impact on the marine ecosystem got into Ranjan’s mind. He decided to take part along with many environmental activists to help India preserve its marine ecosystem and is a part of the climate campaign, We the Change.

Just like Soumya, who is preserving marine conservation, one such young activist is a 11-year old who is making paper from kitchen waste.

Aditya Mukarji 

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Aditya Mukarji is one of the many Indian environmental activists who will soon be well-known for his consistency and hard work against climate change. A young mind but a strong is belief to preserve and take on climate action is inspiring and well-appreciated. 

Aditya, from The Shri Ram School, is on a mission to get rid of plastic use around the world. He has launched a door-to-door campaign where he educated people about this movement.

He has participated in debates like in the UN and CII-FICCI. He agrees that plastic is the most dangerous invention on Earth and is best trying to eradicate out. 

He is a part of the UN Youth Climate Action Summit in New York and did an internship program with the UN Development Programme. 

Aditya Mukarji, along with many inspiring young environmental activists in 2021 India, is promoting a plastic-free culture for the world. 

There are many inspiring stories of young environmental activists people helping curb the degradation of climate change. Mad4India hopes that they see success in what they are trying to achieve. It also wishes other people to take steps to help save our beautiful planet, Earth. 

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