Rahul Panicker: An Indian Arm Wrestler Who Defeated The World’s Strongest Bodybuilder

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rahul panicker

Rahul Panicker might not be a known face, but he sure does know how to give a punch. The man became a supreme figure in the arm wrestling circuit and made headlines on the national stage.

The Indian arm wrestling champion has success rewarded to him. The most renowned feather added to his glittering cap is when he defeated Larry Wheels, claimed as the world’s strongest bodybuilder, in an arm-wrestling match held in Dubai.

If that hasn’t raised your eyebrows, the 70kg man was ranked 9th in the 2019 World Championship.

Rahul Panicker isn’t afraid of challenges and adversities. Rahul Panicker is ready to take on anything that comes along his way.

Mad4India brings a story of grit and perseverance of Rahul Panicker, India’s arm wrestling champion.

Rahul Panicker

Rahul Panicker
Image Source – Instagram

Hailing from Edapally, Kochi, Rahul Panicker works as a Software Engineer apart from being a champion. Today, he has claimed the title of “King of arm-wrestling; due to his persistence in never settling down and achieving great things.

From the beginning, when he was a child, Rahul Panicker saw his father exercise regularly and lift heavy weights. He also grew a passion for going to the gym and working out often.

Coming from a family of heavy lifters, Rahul Panicker grew to be passionate about fitness and sports from childhood and soon found his passion.

Rahul Panicker’s inspiration for arm wrestling derived from his father, a powerlifter who had won the title of the Power man of India. His uncles were weightlifting champions, and one of them coached the Indian team.

While growing up, Rahul Panicker had seen his father and uncles practice at the home gym, and his love for fitness and sports fluttered to let him dream big.

Rahul Panicker
Image Source – Instagram

In 2003, he joined a gym in his town, where he was introduced to arm wrestling by his coach.

Rahul Panicker’s first tryst in arm wrestling happened when he was in standard 12th. He participated at a district level but could not win. When he was in his graduating years, he competed again, and he finished second.

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Ever since that small win, he became immensely interested in arm wrestling and had the dream of winning a World Wrestling Federation (WAF) medal.

Rahul Panicker has been the state champion 10 times, claimed the title of National champion 8 times, is a UAE champion, and was ranked the 9th in the 2019 World Championship.

He gained recognition by making India proud of his efforts when Rahul Panicker competed with Larry Wheels, the world’s strongest bodybuilder, in an arm wrestling super match in Dubai.

Rahul Panicker
Image Source – Instagram

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However, it wasn’t an easy win for him in the first two rounds and was unsatisfactory for Rahul Panicker for the super match. But, Rahul kept calm and focused, and finally, he won.

From a software engineer to a wrestler

Although he is a software engineer by profession. Sports have been his natural choice since the start. Born into a family of fitness enthusiasts, he started with the basics but is now a master in it.

Arm wrestling requires a change in diet, transformation in daily activities, and hard-core. Rahul Panicker understood that Rahul Panicker would have to work terrifically to achieve the title.

It was not easy, but Rahul Panicker made it seems easy when he beat Larry Wheels in UAE and acclaimed the title of champion in the super match of the arm wrestling tournament.

Indeed, arm wrestling is still behind the curtains, and Rahul Panicker has made the country proud.

Mad4India hopes to cover more inspiring and fortitude stories like Rahul Panicker and aspires to see more newcomers becoming a champion in arm wrestling.

Sources of information – India Times

To know more about Rahul Panicker, please check – Instagram

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