9-year-old Sikh kid Anaik Sachdev created a Library for helping lonely COVID patients, Now serves homeless people 

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Anaik Sachdev's Loving Library

When the pandemic COVID-19 hit the world, our lives were in havoc. It was unexpected and inevitable. Soon, we found ourselves locked away in our homes. It was a tough time. But, amid these, there was a little boy who spread positivity with his thoughtfulness. Anaik Sachdev, a 9-year-old boy, started a mini library for COVID patients to escape loneliness by reading. 

With such a tiny mind but a ferocious belief he is an unsung hero, Mad4India brings you a beautiful and inspiring story of Anaik Sachdev, the 9-year-old Sikh kid winning heart for his creation. 

Anaik’s Loving Library

Anaik Sachdev lives in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. He is the founder of ‘Anaik’s Loving Library.’ He started this positive initiative during the pandemic when his grandmother was tested positive for the virus and was in isolation. 

He created a mini-library collecting over dozen of books to read for COVID patients.

When most of today’s kids are into gadgets and playing video games, Anaik Sachdev decided to be different. This small Sikh kid did wonders with his actions and managed to bring a hearty smile to people’s faces. 

The idea of Loving Library – a free library for people in need is a step towards keeping them entertained and delighted. 

When the COVID lockdown was imposed, he spent months in isolation when his grandmother got COVID in March 2020. His mother was also tested positive for COVID. 

Later, his grandmother was hospitalized due to her health conditions, which were getting worsened. 

Due to this, Anaik Sachdev couldn’t go out and play with his friends. He hardly had any human contact due to self-isolation. 

During that time, he spent his time reading books and especially the series Diary of the Wimpy Kids with his 7-year-old brother. 

Image Source – Instagram

When his grandmother was at the hospital, he noticed the loneliness she was going through and how deprived she felt. 

That was the moment Anaik Sachdev had an idea of creating a mini-library for COVID-19 patients. He hoped that this small yet assuring step, will restore hope in them and provide them with an activity. 

He has also provided books to other COVID-19 patients to fight loneliness. 

The claps of appreciation

What started as a thoughtfulness step became a movement to inspire thousands of people. Today, Anaik Sachdev is highly appreciated. He has been praised for his inspiring gesture. 

For his efforts and acting like a hero during COVID, Anaik won the Phoenix Business Journals 2021 Philanthropic Hero Award.

He is aligned with NGOs to promote better welfare and be kind to people in tough times by giving them books. 

In 2021, Anaik Sachdeb has collected over 200 books and is currently associated with an NGO – Circle the City!  

Circle the City is a Non-Profit Organization of a medical clinic for homeless people that help distribute books on the streets. 

This 9-year-old Sikh boy also made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the popular show in America. 

His video with Ellen became so popular that it touched the hearts of many people. In the show, he talked about how he got the idea to start the Loving Library and how he is helping homeless people.

To support Anaik Sachdev in his journey to the library, Ellen surprised the little boy with $15,000 and some books. 

At first, this wonderful initiative was to create a collection of books for those who were suffering from the COVID trauma. He then extended the books to those who needed a bit of respite, to the homeless people. 

Image – Instagram, Instagram

Anaik Sachdev is also fond of rapping. He releases small rap videos where he asks for donations for his book collection. 

Mad4India wishes the best to Anaik Sachdeb and his Loving Library and on his journey to inspire more people in doing this.

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