Alakh Pandey – Once Had To Sell His House, Earned Rs. 5000 A Month, And Is Now A Founder Of India’s 101st Unicorn

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Alakh Pandey - Founder Physicswallah

Alakh Pandey wears his love for subjects engraved on his arms, tattooed with Einstien’s E = mc² and the mathematical symbol of Pi (π)

In an era when education had taken a back seat due to pandemic, it was edtech companies that stepped in to assist our aspirants. However, the business models of these startups gradually shifted away from education and moved toward money mining. There is one man who stood between the entire edtech firm and its policies. Mr. Alakh Pandey.

With his signature style of welcoming students with (Hello Bacho), let’s peek into the life of an ultimate phenomenon, a man of charm and morals. Hello Readers, let’s meet Alakh Sir…

Alakh Pandey’s First Batch Of Student

Alakh Pandey
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In order to combat the financial crisis, Alakh’s family house in Prayagraj had to be sold when he was in third class. Furthermore, things couldn’t be settled in the meantime and his parents were forced to sell the remaining portion of the house when he was in sixth grade.

Alakh was old enough to understand his family’s predicament, but the innocent child was happy as his father could buy him a new cycle with the proceeds from the sale, as he had promised.

According to Alakh, the family rented a house in a slum. This phase proved to be a turning point. In eighth grade, he tutored the younger kids—the first ‘batch’ of PhysicsWallah students. His love for teaching only grew from there.

“My mother fought with fortune and my father made me who I am today.” “She borrowed money from relatives so I could pursue my dreams,”

Alakh Pandey, Founder Physicswallah

Dropped Out Engineer

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He taught in various coaching institutes, and his teaching abilities improved significantly. His approach to teaching while interacting with students distinguishes him from other lecturers.

Alakh Pandey always received excellent grades in school. He began looking for a college and studying for college entrance exams. However, after seeing the prices charged by coaching centers, he decided to study for the entrance exam on his own.

Although he had hoped to gain admission to an IIT, things did not go as planned when he failed the IIT entrance exam. He then studied engineering at a Kanpur institute before leaving after three years.

After leaving engineering school, he taught at home for about four years at a coaching center, earning a merely Rs. 5000 as salary.

Although his compensation was low, Alakh Pandey was well-liked by the kids he taught. Because Alakh was interested in both theatre and physics, he used both abilities to educate the students.

He credits his ex-girlfriend for inspiring him to create a YouTube account. “Alakh, you’re great as a tutor; one day you’ll have a class of 7000.” These sentences, however, are mere in front of the millions of students who now look up to Alakh Sir.

Alakh Pandey Wife
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Alakh Pandey’s Youtube Journey

What happened in 2016 is a case study of its own. Byju’s, India’s most valuable startup, had been around for a half-decade and online learning had taken off. The world, however, was yet to witness a flood of content on YouTube and other online platforms.

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In the initial days, teachers did not record entire lectures, instead running a trailer and inviting students to their paid platforms for the entire lecture. Alakh, on the other hand, would give full-length lectures for free. Youtube was about to explode.

Alakh Pandey Networth
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It took Alakh almost a year to build a decent YouTube following. As a result, his responsibilities to the kids grew. You can’t afford to make even the tiniest mistakes with 50,000 pupils watching and learning.

Alakh Pandey headed to Kota, a well-known tutoring center for students preparing for engineering entrance examinations, to obtain more study materials. He came back with study materials that he utilized to create his own classes.

Alakh Pandey began his YouTube career in 2016. He was initially concerned about the outcome of low insight on his channel, but with the sole intention of providing knowledge, he continued to upload videos on a daily basis.

The videos eventually went viral, especially during the pandemic. Students began watching Alakh Pandey’s video for simple learning tips and tricks during the transition to online classes.

Alakh Pandey – From A Youtuber To Entrepreneaur

A few years later, he launched the app Physics Wallah, through which he began new batches with the assistance of other teachers. The courses were created with affordability in mind. Course prices were reduced by up to 90% compared to what competitors were charging.

PhysicsWallah recently started his own institute in Kota, enrolling 10,000 students in the first month. One of the key reasons for PhysicsWallah’s success is its inexpensive course price, which may be as little as Rs 4000, making it affordable to a wide number of students.

When PhysicsWallah released its first paid batch, ‘Lakshya,’ it didn’t have to look far for ‘clients,’ enrolling over 63,000 students almost immediately.

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