Lawsikho – A Mission Of Helping People Understand Their Legal Rights 

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Lawsikho is a Delhi-based Legal Ed-Tech that is the World’s Largest Internet Legal Education Company and Most Popular with over 8000 live students and 14,500 subscribers from around the world. 

The initiative focuses on creating online legal training, enabling geographical arbitrage of legal talent and access to justice. Here is Mad4India wishing the firm Lawsikho all the very best in its mission.

The Founder

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From a lawyer who turned out to be an entrepreneur named Ramanuj Mukherjee has created a start-up called ‘LawSikho’.

When Ramanuj was 14 years old, he was confronted by roadside violence that didn’t last for more than 5 minutes but had a profound impact on his life.

He was returning home from tuition on a bicycle, that’s when a stranger with a bicycle too bumped into Mukherjee and he was thrown out of the road. After gaining consciousness, Mukherjee walked up to the other person asking why did he do that. He was responded in the form of a tight slap, the 14-year-old was shell-shocked and protested again. The stranger slapped Mukherjee again.

Fuming and heartbroken Mukherjee went back home narrated to his father the whole incident and when he thought his father will finally serve justice to him. The stranger walked toward him and said, “I wanted to teach him a lesson, he cannot talk to his elders like this.” Mukerjee was later compensated with an unworthy sorry but this act of violence stayed with him.

He later studied law and realized how amazing the constitution of India is. Mukherjee began educating law and building connections and asking experienced lawyers to volunteer in his mission. The connections include entrepreneurs, lawyers, judges, and a whole bunch of other professionals that could volunteer around his mission.

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All this hustle lead to the Project Lawsikho which dealt with lawyers educating the general public regarding day-to-day activities like How one can claim PF money, How to file an FIR in the form of tutorials.

About Lawsikho 

 LawSikho empowers students to become successful and independent in international forums such as Upwork, Fiverr, and others. More than 600 attorneys and law students have embarked on their journey of working away from LawSikho.

Some Law students are looking for internships and jobs in local law firms. LawSikho students also work in all of India’s top law firms, though the global work epidemic has been huge. The initiative has come in handy with more than 450 organizations to provide the legal talent.

Ramanuj Mukherjee, founder, and CEO of LawSikho said, “We are constantly innovating and working to introduce technology and content that closes skills gaps and remote job access in the legal field. The market is currently moving fast and exciting, and we still have a long way to go.”

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LawSikho also quickly emerged as a leader in the area of ​​Legal test prep with the most successful courses related to Justice, UGC NET (law), SEBI Law Officer, and other examinations.

LawSikho also operates the prestigious iPleaders blog, which explains legal issues in simple English and Hindi and typically views more than 10 million and 2.3 million active users per month till January 2021.

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It has worked with overseas universities such as Texas A&M University, Webster University, Swiss School of Management, Warsaw Management University, UNIES Business School, and Limburg Graduate School of Business to introduce unique courses that allow the transfer of legal knowledge worldwide through online courses.

The company also focuses on international integration and remote operations. More than 160 LawSikho students work in remote jobs and organizations with lawyers based in the US, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Qatar, and the UAE. The largest package a LawSikho student has received so far is $ 36,000 a year from a Swiss employer.

Free Sessions In The Lockdown 

During the lockdown, LawSikho hosted more than 500 live webinars which were attended by more than 120,000 attorneys and law students from around the world. Speakers included judges from the Indian Supreme Court and various Supreme Courts, international lawmakers, attorneys, international and national law firm partners, leading in various competitive trials, and many young lawyers. 

LawSikho is best known for organizing a free Bootcamp live show attended by more than 5000 attorneys and law students.

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The Recent Achievement 

The RTI Cell was launched in March 2021 to make the tedious process easier for the nation. 

In an interview, Mukherjee states, “We have developed a special RTI Cell because of the complexity of the accountability process.

From completing the RTI to consultation, the team does it for free. Some of their services include official articles about RTI, news updates, landmarks, and other similar incentives. The applicant will provide information to the team, after which the RTI will be submitted. Once they have received the answer, they will be notified of the next step.

“We have applied for more than 500 RTI applications in various fields such as human and animal rights, the environment, information technology, and more,” Mukherjee said. In addition, the team plans to use various RTIs to apply to both the Supreme Court and the High Court.

Lawsikho currently offers a total of 64 courses from master’s degree programs from overseas universities, skills development programs that facilitate international skills solutions, and accredited academic recruitment programs supported by MEPSC, a Sector Skills Council established by the National Skill Development Corporation.

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The launch has attracted worldwide attention, with students from 20 countries, including the USA, England, the Philippines, Australia, Nigeria, Singapore, and others.

To Know more about Lawsikho, visit Instagram, Linkedin, Website, and Facebook

To know more about Ramanuj Mukherjee, visit Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook

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