Rescued animals, good food, and lovely ambiance – these inspiring pet-friendly cafes are serving humanity

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Pet friendly cafes

Rescued animals are the creatures that need love and care the most. They require medical attention to get better but they blossom in lovely homes. Rather than buying pets, adopting rescued animals should be the way to go! To promote this culture and to find a permanent home for rescued animals, some people have come forward with their pet-themed cafes.

Many people having pets and their wish to not leave their pets alone at home have given the concept of pet cafes a boost. Not just for pet owners but for those people who love animals but can’t pet one due to some reasons, these pet cafes have proved to be a stress buster for them also.

The pet-friendly cafes not just offer good food but also act as a social spot for rescued animals and people who wish to adopt.

You can enjoy the company of the beautiful rescued animals and can also meet fellow animal lovers. If you are an animal lover then these beautiful pet cafes can be the perfect spot for a first date!

Cat Café Studio, Mumbai

Cat Café Studio
Source- Facebook

CCS or Cat Café Studio is India’s first cat café situated in Mumbai. The studio was opened with the mission to rescue stray felines and create a loving, caring, and homely space for the rescued animals.

It is a café-cum-working space that started with just coffee and tea, now serves home-baked cakes, cookies, and snacks. The visitors can meet and play around with rescued cats of every age. There are no extra charges for socializing with rescued animals.

Rescued animals CCS
Source- Facebook

The aim of the studio was to make people familiar with rescued felines and make people more open to adopting the rescued animals. The studio has a record of finding lovely homes for over 300 cats adopted so far.

To sustain the studio initiative and to take care of rescued animals, regular adoptions are required. In order to attract a large number of audiences, the studio brings together animal lovers and hosts regular events such as Art Exhibitions, Open Mics, and many events on every occasion. This not just promotes their initiative to help rescued animals in the city but also promotes art culture.

Visit this (p)awsome café and spend some time with these de-stressors!

To know more about Cat Café Studio, please check – WebsiteLinkedInInstagram and Facebook.

The Pet Café, Hyderabad

The Pet Café
Source- Facebook

From cute decors such as a table in the shape of a bone, a bookshelf filled with books on animal care, a counter to take quirky Polaroid pictures with your pet to amazing pet food, and room to play for pets.

Polaroid pictures
Source- Facebook

This pet-friendly café at Banjara Hills has it all. You can come with your own pets or if you don’t have one, then you can spend some quality time with their in-house furry babies.

Their menu is pocket-friendly for animals as well as humans with treats such as meatballs, cakes, dehydrated treats, and much more especially prepared by the owners for animals. The humans accompanying their pets can enjoy continental food and some vegan options.

The owners actively rescue animals across the city and this café provides them a cozy shelter. After taking care of the medical needs such as vaccinations, infections, etc., of the rescued animals. They are given basic training like teaching them to sit and stay or to give the paw and then they get up for adoption. The café is on its way to success by getting over 150 stray dogs adopted till now.

Rescued dogs
Source- Facebook

To know more about Pet Café, please check- Instagram and Facebook.

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